Wednesday, June 16, 2010


Today was a pretty good day. My head ache is gone so I am pretty happy happy about that. I am also proud to announce that I hAve eaten some food today for the first time since i arrived. A little bit of yogurt, jamb a juice, and cafe rio seemed to do the trick. The u of u volleyball team came up to visit so that was really cool, I just wanted to say thank you to all those who have come to see me, and for all of the support everyone Has been giving me. I love you all, I really miss you but i will be home as soon as I can, thanks again! And for those of you who are wondering I am slowly getting used to the wAter here...



  1. Haha! You're getting used to the water, huh? That was quick :)
    Oh I'm so glad you are eating!! Woo hoo! Let me know what you're craving and I'll deliver it asap! So cool about the volleyball team coming to visit. You're a superstar!

  2. I am so happy your headache is gone! Emily was telling me about it. I'm glad you can eat too! Jamba Juice and Cafe Rio sound like great things to start with! Feel better!

  3. Rach! Its good you finally were able to eat some food, lets hope it stays that way. I want to come visit you again, and I will once I am completely healthy and over this cold I just barely got yesterday.Keep up the positive attitude, your doing awesome. Love ya!

  4. Sounds like a good day:) We love you and will come visit as soon as Lexi's runny nose is gone (more teeth I think). We're praying for're the first one mentioned every time Clark prays! Love you lots and know that if we can ever help with anything we're there for you and your family.

  5. Hi Rachel,

    I think everything tastes better after a good Jamba Juice and especially Cafe Rio. Both are our family favorites:) I hope you are sleeping well
    at night in the bed there. Sometimes you can ask for a very cool mattress pad. We sure love ya and are praying for you all the time.
    Your California Friends The Sniderbunch

  6. I'm so glad you're doing well. Get a good night's rest and always know that we are always thinking and praying for you. Your wonderful attitude is so amazing--I am in awe of you! Miss you tons and I'll see you soon.

  7. Lori Steele RasmussenJune 16, 2010 at 10:31 PM

    Hello Rachel! I feel so honored to be your official "80th follower". I can see that people who love you are starting to flood in from all over the nation (and world, actually). Add 7 more to the California list :) We love you so much and are praying for you. I look forward to reading more about your progress and seeing more pictures of your beautiful smile. You're always in our thoughts. Lots of love from all of us,
    Lori and Quinton, Jack, Mitch, Reagan, Molly, and Julia

  8. Cafe Rio. Yum. And that's so awesome the Utah volleyball team came to visit you. (I'm a bit partial to BYU ;) but that is still really cool.)

  9. I hope you got pictures with the Utah volleyball team! I know they came in a few at a time so maybe it would have been hard to do!
    Hope you had a good night sleep!
    Think I am going to jamba today:)
    Love ya, Shelley

  10. Jamba Juice and Cafe Rio do it for me, too! Keep on eating the good stuff to keep up your strength.

  11. daang girl! you're making those glasses look great! i'm so glad to hear that you're headache's gone. Keep up the strength... and smiling cause you have the best smile around town =) love ya! You're in my prayers.

    -katelyn holdaway

  12. We're soooo glad your headache is gone. I can definately do someone harm when I have just a regular 2 Ibuprophen headache that lasts more than a couple of hours. Hang in there!!!

    We Love You

  13. I'm so glad you were able to eat -- you are already too skinny!! We think about you all the time and know you are a strong fighter - let us know what else you want for food any day and we will deliver!!!

  14. We were at clinic the day the U of U players came to visit you. They wondered into clinic trying to find you. It was fun to see them and hear them say your name. I almost asked if we could come with them to visit you.

    On a Happy Note: Millie started Maintenance yesterday! I know your battle is starting out more difficult then hers since you have AML and she had ALL, but there is an end to the madness.

    Sending our love,
    Amanda and Millie; if you ever want to chat my email is amaandaflamm@hotmail and the blog is

    ps, I'm sure your family will be a match and hopefully you won't need marrow, but if you need more people my husband and I would be more then happy to get tested.
    Keep Finding the Positive.