Sunday, June 13, 2010

We have started a blog for Rachel to

keep VERY CLOSE contact
with her friends & family!

As you read here you will find a place to click & follow her blog and stay updated on her condition! Rachel can't wait to hear from each of you, please send her your thoughts.

'Steele Strength'

comes from many places!
Each of you are part of what makes Rachel strong, and who she is.


for your love and encouragement!


  1. Rachel, we love you so much! We are praying for you and know you are such a strong girl! Keep it up! We'll see you next time we come bum a bed in your house!
    Love Becca and Shawn Faleao

  2. Rach!!! I love ya!! please get better!! it won't be the same without you!!! You're the funniest person i know!!!! I'll be praying for you!!! :)

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  4. Rachel...We love come you can look so beautiful in your picture feeling so crummy...You are in our prayers. You are an amazing person with great strength. We will keep up with this blog and keep you in our prayers. We love you. Becky, Maxwell and AshLynn Snider

    Ok Rachel as you can see we are not to savvy with this blogging stuff and even though you see Elder Harrison Sniders post was removed...this is from Us the Snider Family :) We love you...Maxwell is quite embarrassed by this.

  5. Rachel girl you are so strong and i know you can get through this. You are an amazing girl and a great volleyball player. Please get better soon!! Your in my prayers.
    Love ya girl,

  6. Rachel, You are the epitome of strength and courage. We are thinking of you and praying for you girl! You can beat this. Stay positive and let us know if we can do anything for you.

    Love, Lynne and Rich

  7. Rachel -- you even make the hospital gown look great! Sure love ya! Minnick Family

  8. Rachel! I know that we don't totally know each other but know that I love you and that Jacob loves you that and we are thinking of you, praying for you, and rooting for you!


    p.s. Wow, I love this blog! Great name and picture! This journey will not be an alone one for sure!!!

    p.p.s. After you recover you should convince your parents to take you to Disney World! ;) ;)


  9. p.s. that was me Cassie (Knell) Walters ;)

  10. Rachel,

    Our prayers are with you and we know that you can overcome this. You are strong and keep up the good spirit and positive attitude.

    Jake, Camille, and family

  11. RASHIZZLE! Love your guts! I love the happy spirit you still have with the news of cancer, trust me, my family is going through it all with my dad going through treatments still. I will be here supporting and teasing you because you need someone to do it! After your six months, get ready for some v-ball, because I'll be training so I can catch up to you! HAHAHAHA!
    Your friend, Ryan!
    p.s. i miss my harry potter room :(

  12. Ok the water must be really bad, we will bring you a case of "smart" water. We love you Brandi and Nakisha

  13. Rachel!!!!!
    You look very cute even with the hospital gown!
    Do you want me to bring you better tasting water?
    Just let me know, k?
    I love you and just beat this sickness with record breaking time!
    When can I come and visit you?

  14. Rachelllll!!!!!
    we missed you today, and we know we will continue to. The skit for girls camp will be so bland without your presence. we will try and think like rachel to make it as funny as we can to keep up 2nd wards reputation :P
    We love you and keep going strong!
    -Anna Free

  15. Chelsea, Ashlyn, RebeccaJune 13, 2010 at 7:15 PM

    Rachel! how come you STILL look gorgeous in a hospital dress and feeling not well??? come on. ;) our whole family is praying for you, and we love you so much, and we will miss you a freaking lot at girls camp NACHOOO!!!!!!!! it will NOT be the same. we love you :)
    love chelsea, ashlyn, becca, and...pretty much just our whole family. :) GET FEELING BETTER and hopefully we will see you really soon!!!!
    p.s. your first post made us all laugh :) sorry about the water..and having to pee alot. :)

  16. hey rachell
    we missed you in Yw's today, and i hope you feel good. i hope that they are feeding you good food. if not i will somehow get you some. because food is important to me. we will miss you soo much at girls camp "my name is nacho, they call me gustav, that's not my name, that's not my name." that was a fun skit. we love you and stay steele strong!

  17. Rachel!

    I have NOOO idea what I'm doing with this blog spot thing. I feel like I'm 90 years old haha. Anyways, your positive attitude about this is so inspiring. You're always on my mind and you'll be in my prayers. I love you so much and I'll be seeing lots of you soon! Good luck with the treatments and text or call me whenever you're bored...or not bored haha. If you need anything (food, room decorations, sanitary water, a book, a game, streamers, a toothpick...anything) just let me know and I'll be up in a jiffy because I'll have so much spare time without you being just around the corner. I love your freakin guts..and the rest of your body too haha. You're amazing! See ya soon Rachoodle!


  18. Luke "Danger" SteeleJune 13, 2010 at 8:52 PM

    Rachel, you have been gone a day and life is already bland, i miss you so much you were a valuable asset to the cousin clan (Rememeber the cousin clan, me you josh Mckell but not Mitch ha) we all miss you so much and love you a lot pretty much.. yeah but i hope i can see you soon, hang in there trooper!

    Lu-cocroach or however you spell it

  19. Rachel
    We are going to miss you so bad at girls camp!! You look so cute in your hospital dress! I'm so glad you and Adam started this blog so we can feel connected to you. You'll be in my thoughts and prayers EVERYDAY! I love you girl....our STEELE STRONG GIRL!!

  20. Anonymous said...

    Rachel Lucile...
    Bet you will never guess who this is from, but we both know for sure who it is to.... YOU
    My goodness I bet I have cried buckets this last night and today... buckets of fear... buckets of wonder... buckets that they have found the problem and are working hard to get you well... The picture of you in your hospital gown and bed is absolutely gorgeous...but how could it be anything else... it is of YOU Rachel Lucile Steele Sure hope I know how to do this and that you will get this note of support and LOVE from your paternal grandmother Lucile Moon Steele
    Love you very much Grandpa & Grandma

  21. HEY Rach! SO sorry to hear about everything. We are praying for you and thinking about you all the time. We hope that everything goes good. Sounds like you are taking things very positively. Never stop being positive. We wish that we were closer so we could help more! We love you so much!
    Love ya, Brad, Beth, Chris, Scott, and Jamie

  22. Rachel, you are amazing!!! So positive!! Just remember it's like sports or anything in life. If you want it, you have to visualize it and work hard for it. Girly, you are a success in all you do. Just visualize and you will kick it's butt!!!! Stay positive and stay close to your Father in heaven. We love you.

    Stacie, Brandon, Boston, & Easton

  23. Rachel!!!! i know that if there is anyone that could fight this, it would be you. you are so amazing!!!! we will be praying for you!!!! Love you!!!
    -Kelsey Carlson

  24. Rachel,
    So sorry to hear that you are stuck in the hospital! You are a fighter so I know that you will be okay. I will be praying for you and for a speeeedy recovery.

  25. Love you Rachel. A million people have told me today how awesome you are! Of course, they are right.

    Tom Steele

  26. Rachel Lucile! Just found this beautiful blog. I wish it were of pictures of you running around in some lovely place with things you like. Maybe we can arrange to get some of those things hospital style. What an experience you are having. Thank you for your courage and smile! You are in my prayers, and I am saying many extra. I hope to see you in the next couple weeks.

    Love you,

    Heather LUCILE Steele

  27. Rachel, You do not know me. I was sent your blog from my cousin Sherry Ellsworth. I believe her brother dated your cousin (or something like that). Anyway, my daughter also has leukemia, she is 4 1/2 (she gets mad when I just say 4). You look like you are keeping a good attitude. Stay positive. Stay faithful. You are a beautiful young woman and you will be in our prayers.
    Amanda Flamm
    If you'd like to see my daughter our blog is

  28. Hi Rachel We love you sooo much and are praying for you and your family. Stay positive and don't think for a minute that I'm not thinking of you. I live you and you are beautiful. We are going to try and get some Steele Strong bracelets made for the reunion and for you to give to people. What color would you like them to be? Love you Coreyne and Val

  29. Rach--
    Hiya, honey! We are all thinking of you and praying for you. We love you so much. Keep up the positive attitude! It will do wonders for your recovery and the fight ahead. We know you can do it! Hope to see you soon.
    Love ya, Jody, Katie, Joe bean, Kali Q, Carter Sauce, and Tater Tots

  30. Rachel:
    You are just an amazing fighter. I just want you to know that we are thinking of you and that we (the volleyball team and my family, and of course me) loves you so much!!! Please pass this messege on to your AML for me...Dear AML, I hate your stinking guts. You make me vomit. You are the scum between my toes. LOVE Tessa. Just pass that along would ya. haha But I do love YOUR stinkin' guts so much. Keep going and if you ever need anything...aka MT. Dew... or anything else dont hesitate to call me!
    Love ya tons!

  31. Rachel!!
    Hey cutie! you are so amazing Rachel! Keep up the good attitude and know that we are all fasting and praying for you! I love you!!!

  32. Rachel, we were shocked to hear about your situation. Ashleigh would love to come visit you when she gets back from bball camp. You will be in our thoughts and prayers. We love ya. The Wacky Warners (Taylor Ashleigh Ryan Curtis Allie Matt and Lynn)

  33. Hey Rach...its Jim Bendtschneider. I got a text from Juliann Sunday night and just heard about your blog. Way cool! It is amazing to see how much love and support you have! That certainly speaks to how much you are adored by so many people...including myself. I have absolutely no doubt that you are going to to kick this thing in the butt...why...BECAUSE YOUR AN ATHLETE MAN!!! Kylee and I would really like to come and see you but will probably wait until things calm down a little! See you soon!!!

  34. the big is your room??? I have an outdoor net we could set up if you want. Haha! Can't wait to visit! should we bring a VB. Haha!


  35. you don't know me rachel! but i am friends with Michelle (Blakes wife) through our blogs! i have been so touched by your story and your fighting spirit! stay strong! i will keep you in my prayers!!

  36. Bula Rachel! I'm glad that we still can stay in touch even though you're in hospital! Thanks for the blog! We're thinking of you, in Fiji. I will remember you in my fast & my prayers! loloma and Stay strong! Mere Ritova

  37. Rach:

    I don't know if you got my last post but if you didn't that means I really do not know what I am doing. It Cherzzz!!!! Thought I'd forgotten about you, huh? Well, I haven't. Your Mom told me what's going on. You are in my prayers constntly. Please know that. This life can be a crazy journey, but just hang in there. Just know you don't have to do it alone. I love you and will be routing for you from the sidelines. Know that you will be on the prayer roll when I go to the temple. Until I write again, stay Steele strong.


  38. I had to come and read about the day you were diagnosed. June 12th is my twins bday. The day you were diagnosed they turned 3. We were in flaming Gorge and it was freezing! It poured rain all day that day. I am not sure why i feel the need to tell you that. Maybe it's just something to read other then the usual. I hope today you are feeling better. That your mind and body are both staying strong. PRayers are with you always.