Sunday, June 13, 2010


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We want to thank you for remembering to use the hand sanitizers that are provided at the doors and for remembering to only come when you are healthy! These two things are vital to Rachel's quick recovery!

Rachel has a GREAT big family!

For those of you, friends or family, that don't see yourselves in photos that were with Rachel today at Primary Children's Hospital, we apologize,

it just means that you need to come again real soon!


  1. Oh Rachel! I wish I could be there to say hello and talk with you a while. I am so impressed by your goodness, your friendly and cheery attitude, and your excitement for life. Scott and Anne and I will pray for you and maybe we'll get to come say hi in August. I hope that the treatments go exceptionally well and that I get to see you doing better and better.


  2. Just a quick note for Adam... Awesome blog, dude! So colorful and fun; just like your sis and your family! You guys really know how to gracefully handle whatever life hands you! Tanner and Co.- The smiles are infectious! Make sure the hand sanitizer doesn't kill those... ;-)
    Love you all; our prayers include you and all those over your care. Stay strong...Steele strong!

  3. Rachel..we were reminded to pray for you , by Lini, and we're thankful that we can do that at least for you and the family... and we will continue doing that.......thank you, Adam , for letting us know how we can be of help. Loloma yani.

  4. Marieta RatuvukivukiJune 20, 2010 at 6:29 PM

    Hey Rachel well i was just going thru this site and am really touched by your positiveness at this time, I just wanted to write and remind u that the Lord really does live and is aware of what is happening rite now.U will always be in me and My family's prayer and thank you Adam for letting us know about this, May the Lord bless u and your family
    Loloma tawayalani,