Thursday, June 17, 2010


Karen, Chiaki, and McKell came to paint Rachel's fingernails today, and brought a giant acorn with them. ( Rachel can fill you all in on that story later today... )


  1. What great friends you have Rachel! i love the smiles in everyones faces!
    I love to read your own words.
    You may feel lke you aren't doing much but know that your body is working so very hard!
    Rest all you can!
    You look beautiful!
    love ya, Shelley

  2. just want to say, you look very beautiful and your still photogenic. my mom looks like the one who's sick :P with her yellow jap skin. hahaha i am so amazed by you. you are doing so great. can't wait to have you back :)
    (we check your blog everyday, and wait for your posts daily. even like hearing about your peeing trips.)
    love you, Anna Free

  3. hahahahahah!! RACHEL you never even needed to steal it :))) I imagine that is the best gift you have gotten so far! Your such a babe. and with the acorn you are UNSTOPPABLE.

  4. Chelsea a;ksdfjfa; BishopJuly 6, 2010 at 10:56 AM

    haha! the ACORN! that is hilarious. i remember when you stole it, and when you brought it to church. hahahahaha. so random. i just gotta tell you rachel,
    you're freaking amazing. and such an inspiration. seriously. were gonna come visit you soon if that's okay :)
    love chelsea.