Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Hello from Rachel!


  1. YAY! Great video!
    You look beautiful! You are such a great example to us all! I have dedicated my cake blog to you! IT IS ORANGE!
    Keep em coming!
    by the way...great cameraman too!! :)

  2. i really wanted a t shirt we were going to buy one now but its the last day and its 9:08 pm :( sad sad but can i somehow buy 1

  3. email for info on the t-shirts- she will know what to do.

  4. Hi Beautiful girl!!! How wonderful to see you tonight! I wanted to come up today but couldn't make it so I'm glad I got to see you online! Hope you have a great night. I'm leaving for Seattle in the morning but I'll be back next week and I'll be up bugging you as often as I can :) Love you!

  5. Rachel, cute video! Thanks for doing it. I haven't been up yet because we have a bug going around our house. When that bug is gone for good, I'll be up there. I sure missed you at camp! You definitely keep things fun and exciting! Tell Adam thanks for the video. I'm sorry it's been seven days without food. Love you lots!

  6. Hi Rachel: That was nice to see you on the video. We missed you at camp but felt you in spirit and of course your Nacho Libre stand-up was with us at all times, so it was almost like your were there.

    Think about you often, love you lots!

  7. Oh Rachel we love your video! You look terrific! I love your hat! Adam you are a great big brother! Thanks for videoing! I saw a glimps of Marie in the back ground and heard her wonderful laugh. It is so good to see you Rachel. I love your nail color too! You are incredible! We love you and love this great blog. How is the team doing in Volleyball any word yet? I love it that you sent your lucky rock with them!.
    We love you and your are in our prayers. Your California Friends...The Sniderbunch