Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Asher to the Rescue!

This morning, Rachel was visited by one of her favorite people in the world, her cute little cousin Asher Morrow.

As you can see, Asher is one friendly boy, with a big smile that can brighten anyones day.

Rachel asked multiple times yesterday about when Asher was coming to visit, if that tells you anything about how much she wanted to see him.

Thank you to Asher and his wonderful mom, Sarah for stopping by and saving the day!

A big thanks to everyone who has visited so far, and to those who will visit in the coming weeks and months. Your support is greatly appreciated by Rachel, and our family.


  1. My dad calls him Asher Merkley too (force of habit) although his REAL name is Asher Morrow... but Rachel can call him WHATEVER she wants if it'll help her feel better. :)
    Go Rachel Go!!

  2. p.s. that comment was from Sarah, not Jamo- I always forget to switch identities when I get on Safari. :)

  3. Ahh! SOrry! I am changing it right now!

  4. He is precious!! You can see his love for you Rach!Be Strong!

  5. Oh sweet babies!!! They are a bit of heaven! It just feels so good to hold them! What a cutie! and he makes you smile and that is just plain good medicine!
    We love you.
    The Sniderbunch