Monday, June 14, 2010

Acute Myeloid Leukemia ( AML )


  1. Word spreads fast! Melissa Townsend Miller called me this morning to let me know what was going on. You can beat this! We are all praying for you and we love and miss you! We'll be fasting for you this weekend! Hang in there and keep smiling!

    The Farrers

  2. I'm glad you posted the video, it helped me understand leukemia better. His accent makes him sound really smart :) haha.. hope you're feeling hopeful today. I love you. Know that you're in all of our thoughts.

  3. Rachel,
    You can do it!! We don't know you very well, but want you to know that we are praying for you and will be fasting for you this Sunday. I have loved reading your blog and getting to know you more. What a strong spirit you have! We'll miss you at church, but know you're in good hands.
    Gayle and Marc Jorgensen

  4. What fun pictures! It's great to see a smidgen of your support group, and that you are taking everything in stride!!! I know you are hecka strong, so no worries, girl. You can do hard things. Lots of your plans are going to be on hold; but I found it helps to think you are on a forced I'm getting back on track, and it was worth it! So, keep smiling, and know we are all with you for the long haul! I'm here whenever you need me; in any way. Love ya!