Friday, June 18, 2010

Just another update

I kind of lose track of time here in my sanctum. I guess today is Friday. I went in for another spinal tap and even got to request the flavor of my anesthetic, I chose strawberry in case you are wondering. That went well and I came back up to my sanctum for some lunch. (yes I can still manage to eat small amounts of food) wooo hoo! I also had more visitors today, and some of them were kind enough to wheel me down to the giftshop. I looked pretty funny going through the halls with my little mask, sexy hospital gown, and my constant companion (my iv pole). But the giftshop was fun, i found a magazine and got caught up in the bachelorette so i would say today was pretty successful. (also, the cancer count in my spinal fluid went from 300 to 30 from the day I was admitted to today)!!! So all in all, today was a pretty good day. I love and miss you all, I wish i could be down in st. George for jamie's wedding. I know it will be great, I would really appreciate it if you would save me some frappé. :)


  1. Congratulations on your success with your number count. We think about you all the time and are praying for you always. We are heading down to New Mexico for a week, but will post some images on our blog with Richie's soccer. If you get bored and want to see what's happening you can read our blog:
    Take care of yourself and we will see you soon.

  2. Yippee for that wonderful number count and for a fun trip out of your sanctum!! So glad you had a good day and all is going well. You are amazing!!!

  3. What a great post Rachel! You are doing amazing things!!
    Sending so many prayers yout way,

  4. Rachel. You have to have to have to name your IV pole. It's just a must. Definitely want to come see you next time I'm up there, if I can. :) Congrats on the sweet cancer count!

  5. 300 to 30 - that is wonderful! So happy that things are progressing well, Rachel! We're going to come up this weekend - Alisha has games so it will be either tomorrow or Sunday. Be strong and of good courage! :)

  6. I knew you can do it!!!!
    Woo Hoo!!!!
    Did you get your butterfinger icecream?
    Love you!

  7. What great change in those numbers Rachel :) I am sure you must feel as though you are on a roller coaster. I am so glad you got to go shopping :) We will take what we can get right? So the gift shoppe is perfect! We love you. Our prayers are for you :)
    This california bunch...the Sniders

  8. Cc: Praise the Lord!!!

    MElissa: YAY!!

    Katelyn: WAHOO!!! YAHOO! BOOYA!

    Unison: WE LOVE YOU SO MUCH! we're coming to see you on monday! If you want anything let us know, we'll get you anything!

    Roy: Can i have your room number? .... and a high five? ... or hug. :)

  9. I can't wait to see you! I love your blog too! I'm happy to hear about the good numbers and a fun shopping trip! That Steele Frappe is the best. I remember going to my first Steele wedding after I moved here and loved it! I even had to call for the recipe. Take Care Rachel--I love you!

  10. Rachel i love you!! it was so amazing to see you! im sorry for being so out of it cause of my wisdom teeth, i didnt realize it at the time but i just watched a video of myself and it was bad. haha i sounded like a idiot! me and brynne are going to come back soon! it was so nice seeing you! stay strong!!

    love, makenzie l