Friday, June 25, 2010


Well, today has been kind of crummy. I finally feel like I am ready to eat something and now I can't. With my low immune system my intestines developed typhilitis...which basically means that if I did wouldn't be so good. So that's the news I got today, I can't remember if I cried harder when I was diagnosed or when they told me I couldn't eat. Haha most of you know how much I love food. But it's ok, because I let my dad know that we could just go out to eat every time I got to go home,topping it off with a dinner at Chef's Table as the finale for when I finally kick this thing. First round of chemo finished up this morning...only four to go!!!

It is probably worth mentioning that I did get a hair cut. Chelsea Neiger was nice enough to come give me one. Not a whole lot goes on up here....the nurse claims that we have had some funny conversations when I am heavily medicated, I will let you decide for yourself on that one.

I want to say thank you for reading my blog, I try to make it worth your while. So thank you my blogging minions. Oh and in case you were wondering how I stay alive if I can't eat, they hook me up to some big tasty bags of proteins, carbohydrates, and lipids. So not food in the form that I would like it... But essentially it's food so I can't complain. I hope everyones summer is going great, don't forget to come visit me in my sanctum! Mi casa es su casa


  1. Rach! Love your blog! I am happily one of your minions following every word! WE LOVE YOU AND MISS YOU! We will be up as soon as Reno is done! And, when we have no sniffles!

  2. I forgot to ask....did you get the iTunes gift card we emailed you? Hopefully for some fun iPad games....

  3. No Rachel,
    Dad can take us to Chefs Table when you are home for a week...choose
    La Caille for the finale celebration. Ok? Ok.


  4. Hey Rachel,
    also we look daily at your Blog and are glad over and over again about new and above all good information.
    We are in thoughts with you and your family and wish you all strength and energy of the world this to master well!

    With the best wishes from Germany
    Laura, Anita and Dominik

  5. Oh I'm so glad the fever is down! And your hair looks beautiful! I can't wait to have Chelsea cut mine. I just got back from girls camp this morning and I miss you so much. Every prayer had you in it- at flag ceremony and in our own camp. Everyone missed you and wished so much we could see you. You should have seen the girls work on the skit- they wanted to make sure it was great for you and they did a fantastic job. Your cut out even made an appearance in it :) I can't wait to show it to you. We have a lot of different things for you from camp- I'm sure they'll all make it to you soon. :) Missing you!! k

  6. Rachel:

    I prayed so hard that your fever would come down and that your body would be strong enough to stave off any infection. I guess the food bypass is a small price to pay. Although, the taste of food still needs a close runner. Not true? I'm just thankful that you've come out on top. Please know that we here in Barbados are praying for you in as many congregations as I can tell. Know that even though they don't know you you are in their hearts and prayers. Lots of love from the


    P.s. When I figure out how to get this blog thing work you'll see my name come up automatically (ha!).

  7. Hi Rachel, Oh it is so good to see your beautiful face here on your blog. Your new hair cut looks great. I am grateful for your wonderful care providers! They are the best!
    As far as food...what ever form it comes in doesn't matter...just as long as
    it does it's job. Thank you for posting and to be honest I told Shelley Walters I had to look up the word minion...that tells you what I know.
    We love being your minions. All our prayers and love. Your California friends...The Sniderbunch

  8. Back from camp - everyone was thinking of you, and we really missed being able to come up and see you. I got a haircut, too! We're going to come up tomorrow. Alisha has something to give you, I hope you like it! Big hugs from the Nielsens... BSaoGC (Be Strong and of Good Courage!)

  9. Yummy TPN! I always think it looks like a shake... too bad you don't get the taste of a shake! Oh well. Congrats on your first round being done! Yea! Now you can work on getting that ANC back up. I'm sure your intestines will get back on track; you are a very persuasive woman!
    Your haircut looks really cute. I advise keeping a "cat-hair roller" around... it seems to help the hairballs as you transform into yoda! lol. From one ex-baldie to a newbie- live it up. Be courageous, because it WILL come back. How many times do you truly dare try a bald haircut? Love ya. Stay strong.
    ~S. Scott

  10. Thanks for coming and coaching with me at the clinic. It is still crazy to me that on Saturday morning you were teaching 8th grade girls how to do a volleyball approach and then late that night you were in the hospital!

    Thanks for doing the blog because our whole family has been thinking a lot about you and it is nice to hear (read) how you are doing.