Monday, June 21, 2010


I am currently getting a transfusion right now. Not gonna lie it's really gross.


  1. Oh... :( Im sooo sorry! we are keeping you in our prayers! we love you and will miss you at camp!!!
    -Albrecht Girls :)

  2. We are gonna miss you sooo much at camp! I'm glad to hear you are doing well. You are in my prayers always!

  3. Okay Rachel, Jim donates blood often but I have never really given blood before because I am a big fat chicken! But now I am totally going to go as soon as I can! Have a super day!

  4. Rachel, We think and pray for you each day.
    Keep fighting this, it is amazing how strong your spirit can be when your body is going through so much.
    The blood transfusions will really make you feel better and you will be glad to have them. Yes really gross, but really necessary when you are having chemo.
    Stay Strong!
    Love Juston, Colette, Parker and Tyson

  5. Yea, gross if you think about it. I couldn't start reading Twilight until I was out of the hospital, but was in full swing of the series while I was still getting fam kept calling me a vampire! The nice thing about the blood transfusions is they're faster than the platelets; and you feel oh so much better after them!!!! A note on if you are able to leave the room with a mask...mouthwash before...makes the air so much better in there!!! Love ya girl. You are always in my prayers.