Friday, December 3, 2010

The Waiting Game

Over the last 6 months (Rachel spent 112 nights of that in the hospital), 3 rounds of chemo, and 1 bone marrow transplant, we've had the opportunity to get "good" at many things. Some of those include learning to sleep with many interruptions, adapting to hospital food, being lightning fast at grabbing her barf bucket, interpreting what the doctors are trying to tell us, learning to find humor in the middle of a bad day, being grateful for tiny miracles, understanding what all of her meds do and their possible side effects, driving from Orem to Salt Lake, wearing the same 3 outfits over and over and hoping no one notices, and learning PATIENCE!

Rachel's nausea returned yesterday and she has been extremely tired. She has basically slept the last 2 days. They suspect that her cyclosporine level is too high. This is the medicine they are giving her so that her new marrow doesn't reject her body. Anyway, they are running more tests and in the meantime, we are playing the waiting game. (Something we are not all that good at!) They are holding off on the cyclosporine until we find out exactly what her levels are. If she has too much in her system, they will have to wait for it to clear before restarting it. This could take a few days. In the meantime, we will try to focus on the positive things.

Thanks to all of you who continue to check up on us and lend your prayers, love, and kindness! --Marie (the not-so-patient mom)


  1. Oh, my. I am so sorry - just when you think things are looking up, then a step back. I hope Rachel knows how much she is loved and how many prayers are being said for her, and that this fact brings some comfort during times of discouragement. We'll rally for more prayers to help the nausea subside once again, and for all her levels to get to where they need to be. WE LOVE YOU - stay strong!

  2. Rachel and Marie, I am so sorry. I am sure you are both just dying to get the heck out of there. We are always thinking and praying. Please let us know what you find out about Rachel's levels. Love you guys.

  3. Every time I read the blog, I want to comment but never quite know what to say. Your whole family has been on such a roller coaster over the past few months, and I am constantly in awe of the amazing optimism and patience every single one of you show, despite the ups and downs. We're praying for a steady stream of more ups! :)

  4. Rachel your "Jumble of Thoughts" post was so sweet. I am tearing up because you are such and amazing person!!! What a roller coaster ride. Hang in there girl!! We are all fasting for you tomorrow and you are always in our prayers!!!



  5. Funny how you call yourself the not so pactient mom, when what you are doing is being pactient. Prayers and love. Thank you for always keeping us updated. We check everyday sometimes twice or so a day. Funny how strangers can become such an important part of your life. We hope for some joy in this day.