Wednesday, December 8, 2010

All I Want for Christmas is a stomach made of Steel... Clever right?

I am still proud of my self for thinking of this title. ok so I am still here....It seems I have a good day then a bad day..2 steps forward and 3 steps back...It is getting pretty exhausting. I dont get worse but I don't get better. I am not eating good still. Hence the title. And Its cleverness. But.. on the bright side, my face isn't fat. WOOOOO I don't quite look like rachel, as my eyebrows have thinned, but that is temporary. I would like to make a statement that I hate pills and everything to do with them. At 17 I know I sound like a baby...But capsules taste worse and go down my sore esophagus just about as good as rocks. I loathe them. I would also like to state that I should be home for Christmas...I WILL be hhome. PRayers are still appreciated haha I can very much still use them....once we get my stupid stomach figured out we're out of here. I love you guys and miss you so much... thanks for being great~



  1. you're getting prayers from my kids that you will be able to play in the snow. ellie came up with that one, and now it is their standard. here's to hoping (and praying) that you can play in the snow this winter!

  2. Hang in there, girly! You can do hard things. As for your eyebrows...I was watching Gordon Ramsey's show, and one of the cooks has totally plucked all her eyebrows away! She has these drawn-on arches; so all you have to tell people is that you are trying out a new brow-style!
    I still think of ya everyday and pray for your health. Keep your chin up, and count those forward steps.
    ~Love you and your fam

  3. Love you Rachel and pray for you daily!
    You are going to be home for Christmas!!
    I love the clever titale of this post!
    You can make us laugh even at your toughest moments! I LOVE YOU!!
    Stay strong and enjoy the spirit of the holidays!
    Your family will love to have you at home!

  4. Hey Rach!!
    We are still prayin for ya. Tate even prays during the Sacrament prayer "bless Rachol get betto" We'll pray extra hard that you can come home before Christmas. We know you can do it!!!

    We will also pray you can have a "Steele" stomach. Ask your mom about their trip across the English Channel when they went to visit G&G Steele in London. It's kinda funny. We love you LOTS and LOTS! See ya soon

  5. Love you tons. I know that you can do it. Keep your chin up. Praying for you always. I keep your name in the temple always too.

  6. keep on begin steel strong!!!! you are awesome your story has changed my life! love you rachel! your in my thoughts and prayers

  7. Gives a new perspective to "Abs of Steel," I think... Darn those pills. A necessary evil, I guess. I'm trying out a new Christmas song in my head, "Rach'll be home for Christmas"... sounds good, huh? And notice my play on words - Rach'll (for 'Rach will,' but also sounds like Rachel - I'm almost as clever as you, thanks for the inspiration). We're hoping and praying that's the case. Stay strong!

  8. You have every right to hate, loathe, etc. pills!! I would too. We are still praying for you. Christian prays for you and Grammy (aka Jennifer) every night in his prayers. :)

  9. We will keep the prayers comin' and focus them on a stomach of steel. ;)

  10. Sending positive vibes for you being home for Christmas!!!!!

  11. I am so glad to hear that things have turned out this way!
    ...Obviously have an excruciatingly sore throat is not the best of situations, but that's alright, isn't it?

    My family and I will keep praying for you.

    Marie C.

  12. Aloha Rachel,

    I keep up with your blog and wear your Steele Strong wrist band every day so I hope you know that even though you don't hear from me much, you are on my mind many times a day. I'm cheering for you that you'll be home for Christmas. Our family prays for you every evening that things will be back to normal for you soon!

    I saw a funny video about Provo Girls today on the ksl website. It was made by the Divine Comedy at BYU. Hilarious! Check it out.

    Love and hugs,

    Laura Jefferies and fam

  13. I have faith!! You will be home christmas. Prayers coming always!

  14. I will pray that you get to go home. We spent last Christmas much to our dismay in the Hospital. Though it turned to to be wrather an amazing experience I don't want to do it againand it wasn't home! If you are still around on Tuesday we might stop in and say hello. Taylie is schedualed for clinic. We think and pray for you all the time. Keep going strong girl :)

  15. Rach:

    Can you look better we shave our eyebrows. It somehow makes us look sexy (ha!). Then when we lose them for one reason or other it seems strange. It's as if we're telling our eyebrows, "I'm the boss of you. I'll pluck you off when I darn well please, but don't you go falling out because of anything else. Ya hear?" I laughed so hard when I read your blog and the one by "kcsars". We can be so two-sided sometimes. But, bless your heart I know you mean well. I am still praying for you and hoping that your recovery will be speedy. I luv ya much. Can you imagine that you agreed to this big test of yours, you actually said that I'll take it? Whoaa... Gives us pause, huh? I loove this gospel. You are blessed so also is the rest of us. Keep strong as you always are and know that the "horse pills" will come to an end some time. Until....