Saturday, December 11, 2010


I guess it is my turn to share some information. Rachel is continuing to improve however slow it may seem to us and especially to her. The effects of high cyclosporine, morphine withdrawal, and whatever else may have been making her feel puny, we think are mostly gone. She looks good and feels pretty good most of the time...except when it comes to eating or taking one of her many pills or capsules. She still is struggling with nausea that just doesn't seem to want to go away. It is still very difficult for her to keep anything down. We are hoping that will go away soon or the docs can find a reason for it in the next day or two. She is on TPN nutrition ( she receives this through her IV) which runs only through the night so the last day or two she has been free of her IV pole to freely roam throughout her room. They have allowed her to get out of the room to go outside or roam the halls late at night the past two days so cabin fever is not as bad as it could be. Spirits are a little low but she is still one tough girl and wants so bad to feel good and be happy even when she doesn't. We keep hoping things will resolve to the point she can get home and enjoy some of the holiday spirit she is familiar with.

Thank you all again for your prayers and concern in her behalf. It is truly felt.



  1. Goooooooooo Rachel! Get better quickly. You are so much fun and we love being just down the hall from you. Maybe on one of your midnight walks you could sneak into Erin's room again.

  2. We will pray extra extra hard that Rachel will be home soon to a life that is more familiar. We love you Rachel and think of you more then daily. You are a fighter! Even when it feels like this will never end each second that ticks by( and it ticks by even when we feel like it's standing still or should be), you are getting closer to this cancer garbage being gone. KEEP FIGHTING!! CANCER SUCKS!!

  3. CANCER SUCKS! Our prayers are always with you.

  4. We pray for Rach daily. Keep fighting through those yuckies, soon this will all be behind you. We are all rooting you on...Stay strong! XOXOXO

  5. Rachel, you hang in there! You are one blessed young lady, with parents who love you so much!
    As your dad writes I can feel the love he has for you. Same when I read the posts from your mom.
    I am sorry about having to have the scope tomorrow, but I hope that it does its job and will find what they need to continue to move you forward!
    Move love,
    With I could pop in to your room and visit,
    I keep you in my prayers and thoughts daily!