Thursday, December 16, 2010

The Long and the Short of It

From the recent picture posted, you have probably guessed that Rachel had a very tall guest from the Utah Jazz come visit on Wednesday! Mehmet Okur, 6 ft. 11 in., brought her a signed mini basketball and an autographed Utah Jazz Yearbook! It was quite a surprise. The Jazz team comes to PCMC each year to bring some Christmas cheer to the children here in the hospital.

Results from her scopes two days ago showed that she has a bacteria that causes ulcers. They are treating her with antibiotics for that and hoping she feels better soon. At this point, there was no "definitive" graft vs. host disease (GVHD). So they won't start her on steroids, which is the treatment for GVHD.

They keep reassuring us they are trying to get us out of here by Christmas. That would probably be the best gift we could get this year--to be able to spend Christmas with our home!



  1. So cool! I hope your visitor helped cheer you up some. We will keep praying that your antibiotics will kick in and you'll get to get the heck out of there. Feel better my friend.
    Giant Hugs!

  2. A visit from Memo - that's awesome. Did you tell him he needs to get better too, so he can get back on the court? I guess he can relate to your frustration in not being able to play. Hope those anti-Bs kick in quickly and knock that stomach stuff out for good. Lots of love as always!

  3. What an awesome visitor! We're praying you get that Christmas gift to be home. Rachel, you're such a trooper!