Thursday, July 8, 2010

Today is Thursday

Thursday Thursday Thursday. Let's see if i can remember what I did today. As for the diet, that's improving. Moved on to full liquids and soft solids. Today I ate some yogurt, ice cream, and for dinner had mashed potatoes. Now, this is very exciting for me as there is now food in my belly. Also today I rode the exercise bike for a half hour. The doctors think i should be Able to go home within the next few days, which is super exciting. Thanks to everyone for following the blog, I'll try to keep it interesting. Until next time---



  1. Rachel.. just to let you know i am reading your blog at 12 o clock at night/ or morning(?), for the first time.. after i googled you to find you. your on google!!!! hahahaha :P the 1st link while searching your name.. :D wel, the other day I gave blood at Am. red cross. I've been meaning to for a while b/c I want to be a phlombotomist. It started out that i wanted to give the donation just to see the phlombotomists at their work but then I thought of you and how people with blood disorders need help and all the donations they can get. so, while they were pumping my blood into bags.. i was thinkin of you. :) it sounds pretty cheesy but.. i gave blood for you last week and.. i just wanted you to kno that i am admiring you so much right now. your bravery makes you even more beautiful and we're all rooting for you. and.. i'm giving more blood (session 2!) in 8 weeks :) i'll be thinking of you then too. i'll be reading! your very good at wrinting!!! xoxo

    - Colette Durrant

  2. Hi Rachel...Sounds like it was a great day :) Food a bit of excerise...which ment a change of scenery. It is good for the soul. I am glad to hear food is improving. Half hour on the bike, you are putting many of us to shame, seems like all I do with my excerise machine is dust it. Keep up the great work. You are in our prayers...we love you. Your California Friends. The Sniderbunch

  3. Wonderful News Rachel!
    I can't wait til you write from home! I am sure that will feel wonderful for all of you!
    You make sure they keep that bike SO CLEAN!! You don't want anyone else's "stuff" from "stuff" on that bike:)
    Love ya, hope today is that good or better!

  4. That's FANTASTIC!!! I'm so glad your belly is enjoying that delectable food :) And way to go on the bike! You're so tough! You're inspiring me to get off my hiney and start walking :)

  5. Hi Rachel,So glad to hear good news, about your food upgrade. I hope you enjoy your time at home. Love you and think of you everyday. Cant wait to read your blog everyday, I hurry into the computer room to see how you are. Love Shelbys Grandma.

  6. That is awesome Rachel! I love following your blog. You are so inspiring and strong. I know where the SteeleStrong came from! :) Wow! Thank you for being such a great example of optimism and perseverance. Hang in there. We're praying for you.

  7. That sounds like what I'm eating! (I just got my bottom braces on.) I'm glad you can start to eat food again, and might get to come home! We're praying for you!


  8. I am so excited for you--Food and Escaping the hospital, amazing news! Richie and Heather are planning on coming up Saturday morning, who knows, maybe they will get to visit you at home. Thinking and praying for you always!

  9. I am so glad you can eat again! Wish I could say the same - I came down with the bug that Alisha had so I've been in bed all day and getting a little too familiar with the porcelain throne. :( Good thing is, that I can think of you and remember that I can stay strong through anything, because you inspire me! Love you, Rach - BSAOGC!!