Monday, July 5, 2010

Clear liquids woot woot!

Well today they advanced me to clear liquids. I was honored. Unfortunately my stomach didn't seem to like the few sips of apple juice that I had. To put it bluntly I sorta threw up. But..I did successfully stomach some sprite. So we're getting there. I have been looking forward to the weekly event of watching the bachelorette, so that was the highlight of my day haha ask my dad if he likes that show. I also had visits from relatives today so thank you for coming and I hope you aren't offended that the bachelorette scored the highlight haha, I really do enjoy your visits. It keeps me sane. Ok, I think i will call it a day. Thanks so much for all the prayers and support. I love you all



  1. I bet your stomach was like, "What is this???" since it's been so long! No worries... your stomach will remember the joy of food quickly :)
    Hope you have a GREAT day!! Love you!

  2. Coreyne MortensonJuly 6, 2010 at 2:30 PM

    I'm glad you were able to keep something down so you can move on to bigger and better food. We did miss you a lot at the cabin. We had a good time and of course ate too much. Wish you could have had some. Keep progressing. Love you Coreyne

  3. Baby steps will get you to the finish line. Keep up the good work. Soon your will be eating at Cafe Rio.

    Ok Rachel here is my funny thought for the day.


    A cow hits this lady and the husband calls 911.

    The operator asks, "Where are you at"?

    The husband replies, "I'm on Glyptostroboides Road."

    The operator asks, "Can you spell that for me?"

    "Well... I'll just drag her over to Oak Road so you can you pick her up there?"

  4. McKell Lucile SteeleJuly 6, 2010 at 6:37 PM

    Rachel Lucile Steele,

    I can't wait to see you. I've always wanted to know what I would look like with no hair...too bad your head is a prettier shape than mine so seeing you won't give me a very good idea of what I would look like. I'm coming up with Emily tomorrow I think and we'll discuss how much we missed you up at the cabin. I've got some crazy stories to tell you about some of the adventures of The Cousin Clan haha. I miss you and I'm glad you could stomach down some Sprite. That makes me so happy. You make me stronger and more grateful for things and I love you so much. See ya tomorrow m'dear!


  5. Hi Rachel,

    I was at the UV Team camp today. I watched your team play today. Honestly...thay could have used your skills! Just wanted you to know that volleyball made me think about you today! So many volleyballers who love and care for you! Glad to hear the clear liquids is working out for you. Here's to keeping it ALL down!!! Know that you are missed...especially on the court!


    PS. Are you reading Mind Gym??? A chapter a day will do you a world of good!!!

  6. Dear Jorge,

    Yes this JTB person is correct... we could have used your skills at the camp today... I'm not the best middle I will admit that to anyone! We miss you though. Anyways... the real reason I was posting this was to ask your opinion on the whole Vienna situation? Jorge... we need to have a gang meeting about this... do you believe Jake or Vienna? I'm a little torn now that I've heard both stories... Let me know your opinion asap so we know what we need to do, either Toilet paper Jake's house or plaster Vienna with silly string. Or just chase them around parking lots with our masks on, whatever floats your boat :) haha. Love ya Jorge.

  7. Rachel,
    I am so glad we can check this each day and know how you are doing. You have such an incredible attitude through all of this and are such an example to us. I hope we can come up really soon and see you we miss you.

  8. Woot woot Bachelorette! Sad to say it was my highlight of the day TOO!!! HAHA! so sad isn't it? I have totally been like against that show for YEARS but this last visit to Utah, hangin' out with my sister Becca (she's about your age you might know her? maybe a year older she was born in '92), and tivo got me hooked! She got me all caught up with the season hehe and now I've got Jacob to watch it with me! He's rooting for FRANK! Can you believe him? No way! I think Kirk is way cute with her and Roberto brings out a fun personality in her lol - yep. I'm analyzing the bachelorette...I need more friends!! lol I totally saw the Justin thing coming, and I was disappointed with the brawl between last season's Jake and whoever that blonde chick was, it was just so contentious that we turned it off fast! hmmm... too much info? yes probably! hehe're a fun writer I'm glad you're keeping a blog, you're really good at it! Seriously. xoxo Cassie

    oh and ps YAY FOR CLEAR LIQUIDS!!! Awesome accomplishment! Good job Rachel's body!! :) :)

  9. p.s. who's your pick for Aly?? ;) ;)

    . . . what? ;)

  10. p.p.s. sorry Frost :) I promise I'm not a bad influence on your daughter! Its just a girl thing!

  11. yeah Bachelorette! We'll have to discuss our picks:)

  12. Hey Rach:

    So glad to hear the body's keeping things down. At least it's a little more faithful than Jake and Vienna combined. Oh, and add Jillian and Ed. I rejoice with you in this one. There can be a real marriage between you and your stomach. With sucg success it will be home time soon. I will be praying for it for you.

    Oh, by the way, I think Roberto has got it in the bag. He is way cool and such a cutie. Well, stay strong and keep guzzling those clear liquids. Luv ya,