Saturday, July 3, 2010

Hair cut?

Well, before I came in here, I had been meaning to get a hair cut for quite some time. But I was thinking of more of a trim. Today. We whipped out the scissors....and the electric clippers, and I got my hair cut. To be completely honest it wasn't my favorite event of the day, but I will admit that it feels soo much better than my patchy head of hair falling out. As far as pictures go....I am sure we will post some, I just don't know how soon I am ready to introduce my new look to my blogging minions. It's not as bad As I thought it would be, I just don't want to scAre anyone haha. But now I truly feel fit for my sanctum. Oh, good news!! The doc said in two days if I keep doing well they can start me on some ice chips and maybe clear liquids. (I haven't eaten in weeks) I am very excited by this news, I never knew my stomach could feel so empty. So feel free to come up and visit and we can stuff our faces on ice chips. Thanks for following the blog, and more thanks for all the prayers and support. Love you guys.



  1. Is it bring your own ice chips or will the hospital provide them for all of us to enjoy :) Regardless I'm there!! And I just know you'll rock the shaved head look. You're just cool like that! Love you!

  2. Mmm! Maybe some flavored ice chips are in order. I'm sure you look just lovely in your new locks!

  3. Rachel I am so proud of you!
    You be sure to continue to do things on your own time.
    I am sure you are so beautiful!
    You are teaching us all to be who we are!
    Continue to stay strong!
    Smile that beautiful smile, and know how much we all love you and your family. If you ever could forget that just read through all the incredible comments from everyone!!
    Thinking of you today, your name is in the Denver temple, and I am sure temples all over the world have your name in them!
    Love does have the power to heal!! I know it does!

  4. Hi Rachel,

    I appreciate the update everyday. We had a skills camp last week and the kids sent a video message for you that I will share with you when I come visit. The team camp is this week. We will miss you. Take care of yourself.

    With Love, Sam Atoa

  5. Rachel you looked stunning last night! Really keep up the good work! You are such a fighter. I love you and I can't wait to visit more.
    Love camille

  6. Rach, The neighborhood sure is quiet without you! You helped to make me strong during this last week. I got home from camp and had to have surgery (not because of camp!) There were days when I couldn't eat and days when ice chips were the main course. I thought, "If Rachel can do this for 2 weeks, I can do it for a few days." Stay strong! Hopefully, we'll be able to come visit when I'm back on my feet again. Your Uncle Erwin is a pretty good nurse! We love you tons and tons! Barb

  7. I can't wait to see the new look! I know that you will look GREAT!!! Love you!

  8. Your beauty goes waaaay deeper than hair follicles. And you are helping us all to realize that Fast Sunday isn't such a long time to go without food. Thanks for giving us perspective. Love you, Rach! Keep B(eing)SAOGC!

  9. Rachel, you are such a gorgeous girl, that I'm sure the new do doesn't detract from that! That's awesome about the ice chips! :)

  10. Richie says you have the most perfectly shaped head. (His is not as well-shaped, too much soccer) He said you looked gorgeous, be proud and take pictures! We will come visit again soon, Miss your wonderful laughter and smile around here.

  11. Hi Rachel - It's me the stranger you haven't met, but connected to you through others I love. I had my chemo during summer too. One tiny blessing/perk.... is you don't have to worry about shaving your legs for a while!! :-)

  12. Rachel-
    Can't wait to see the new "do" will look amazing...!!! Hope the sprite and ice chips are staying down well! Let me know when you want a slushie...I have connections!
    Lori McBride

  13. I secretly always wanted to shave my head when I was your age - just for less maintenance!! wow I'm weird. ;)

    OH and seeing what my mother-in-law wrote reminded me that I too put your name on "the list" if ya know what I mean (if not ask your parents) ;) ;) ON TWO temples get this - on the SAME DAY! Yep. My cousin got married in the Draper temple in the morning and then my family's ward had ward temple night (Mt. Timpanogos sp?) that afternoon so we had a double whammy for ya! yay so start searching for those prayers in your heart and mind and soul! :) love from Orlando xoxo

  14. If you are anything like My Millie, you are more beautiful now then before. Her amazing spirt shines through so strong and she has some serious twinkle in her eyes. She is breathtaking.
    Millie's hair has started to grow back and I can honestly say I will miss her bald head. It was something we were dreading when she was diagnosed and now it's a outward symbol to the world that she is a fighter. I will miss it.

    ps, we'd love to come visit you! Would that be weird? You would LOVE Millie. She is a ball of energy and sunshine

  15. I'm sure you still look beautiful! You are so pretty! Brian said he would shave his head to support you. He wore your orange shirt to work today and has been wearing it almost everyday since we got it. We have to come visit you soon. Hang in there. We are praying for you. We love you!

    Brian, Pilar & Leo