Sunday, July 4, 2010

3 Weeks and Counting. . .

Rachel has now been a resident here at Primary Children's for three weeks! The doctors and nurses have been great, the view isn't too bad,(she actually watched the fireworks from her room last night)and the food...well, she couldn't really tell you about that yet! But the highlight of the day was when they advanced her diet to "ice chips!". She's hoping for clear liquids tomorrow.

We hope all of our Steele family are having a great time at our family reunion in Idaho. Rachel sends a big shout out to all of her cousins there! McKell and Josh, the shirts are awesome!!

Today she has had a great day-no pain or nausea! Yippee! Here's hoping for another amazing day tomorrow!


  1. So good to hear! I love to hear you are having a good day Rachel!!
    You know, I thought you might be seeing a great fireworks out that big fat window, so glad you did get to!
    We got rain, hail, fireworks here
    Love ya,
    Chow down on those ice chips! Hoping you get some amazing broth today!

  2. That's fantastic! Ice chips and feeling great! Go Rachel!!

  3. Hey rach!the schofield family sends our love!cu 17s took 18th at nationals! Would like to have done better,but not bad for our first time in open. We just spent 4 days hiking Yosemite. Met a cancer survivor and inspiration on our way up a very steep hike. Made me think of where you will be in a few months!Everyone at nationals was asking about "Rachel" cuz of our warm up shirts. By the end of the tourney I had teams from all over the US saying,"We're playing for Rachel too!" We're all with you!Can't wait to come see you when we get home!-love you-Mom Schofield

  4. Hurray!! You are one tough cookie, Rachel! You are so beautiful that you shouldn't be afraid to show off your gorgeous head! I would be happy to bring you an assortment of do-rags, you know I have tons of them! You need to ask your friend and mine, Alisha, about a certain Seran wrap incident at Girl's Camp! I think you might get a kick out of that one! Stay strong and we will see you soon!

    Christy Luque

  5. Rach,

    I just found out about your blog and read through it tonight so I thought I'd post something. You are amazing and I know you can beat this!!!! You are in my thoughts and prayers along with everyone else! Keep fighting!! Don't ever give up! You can make it!
    Love you!
    -"Bigchestie" :)