Monday, July 12, 2010

Home again

Hello bloggers! It has been a while. As you probably already know I am home for a little bit before I go back for my second round of poison haha. Being home is great, it is so good to get out of my sanctum for a little bit. I am still very limited, and sort of living life in a bubble, but this bubble is a little more roomy than my sanctum. It's been really good to see friends and family, to have more channels, and to eat. That's right, I eat now! It's been great. Although I am pretty sure my stomach shrunk. But I have successfully eaten and kept down pizza, mashed potatoes and roast beef, a blt, ribs, and ice cream with a brownie. That was just a random list of food that I could remember eating since I got home. So I am pretty happy about that. No more going weeks without food or water... Fingers crossed.

I am really doing so well, and I know it is because of all the prayers and support I have been given by all of you. I can't thank you enough. I'm still going strong thanks to all of you, and thats the plan from now on. Thank you!



  1. Hi Rachel,
    It is good to hear you are eating food and you feel so well!
    Keep up the good work and eat all you can to gather your strength!
    We Love You
    The Sniderbunch

  2. Hey Rachel the girls all told me the news while we were in Dixie for our basketball camp. I just wanted to let you know that you are truly in our thoughts and prayers here at MV. You are such a strong person and I know you can beat this!

    Camie Oakey

  3. Whoa, Rachel! Slow down now. Don't want You bloating out or anything. Plus, you need to leave some food for us minions out here. Girl, am I glad you are home. I am glad that it feels as sweet as you've been dreaming. Makes you appreciate home so much more. I will still be praying for you. There is still a little way to go, but this is now and time to have a ball. Hey, stay steele strong. Until


  4. As Dorothy said, "there's no place like home"
    I think back of your post when you said how you missed being home. I am so proud of you for seeing what so many of us don't!
    You are learning so much about yourself! What you are truely made of, and what the most important thing in your life really is!
    We all have so much to learn, and you are getting a crash coarse that is going to keep you so far ahead of all of us,(me anyway), for years to come! You will take all your growth with you as you get to be an old lady like me 50,ARGHHH! So you must know that I am learning right along with you!! Thanks for all you are teaching me! The biggest thing is that you smile through it all! I can sure try better do that in things that are hard in my life. Hard?? WHATEVER!
    I know I don't really know hard like you do!
    I can say to you continue to be strong Rachel,Heavenly Father loves you so much and He will bless you as you work so very hard at this!
    Your mom and dad are so amazing! They are there by your side everyday! They love you so much!
    Enjoy the time you are 'hanging out with mom'. Lean on her. She is your best friend and I am sure you know better than most young people the love your parents have for you!
    Sorry, there is my sermon for the week!
    I love you, Shelley

  5. Hey Rachel~
    We've missed you on ICS, but enjoy your time at home. Glad to hear you are feeling well. Looking forward to seeing you for a (short!) visit when you come in! Keep smiling & stay STEELESTRONG! Jodi RN :)

  6. We are glad to hear you're enjoying your time at home and are feeling so much better. Keep us posted. We would love to visit but we've been a bit sick and don't want to spread anything. Hopefully we can visit you soon. Hope all is well.

    Brian, Pilar & Leo

  7. I just LOVE YOU!!! You looked so beautiful tonight. You are AMAZING, Rachel!

  8. Don't forget the krispy cream doughnut you ate ;)

    It was nice to see you doing so well :)

    Love you!