Sunday, July 25, 2010

Another day

Today was pretty uneventful. I wasn't feeling very good this morning, so they gave me some medicine to help and I slept until about 3 in the afternoon. It made for a nice quick day haha. I only have two more days of treatment left, so that's pretty exciting. I am becoming pro at this hospital patient stuff. Sorry this entry wasn't all that exciting, but I will let you know when something amusing happens. Until next time..



  1. It's a good thing to be good at whatever you're doing. I hope the next few treatments go well! I'll be thinking of you this week. Maybe I can come and see you next week? Will you still be in the hospital then?

  2. We love you Rachel!! You are pro at whatever you do!

  3. It is always so exciting to check your blog and see it has a post from YOU!!! You are wonderful to share with us how each day is, eventful or not we love hearing from you!
    We really do love the family posts to but my heart jumps when I see you have written!
    Hang in there, do as they tell you!
    Love you, Shelley

  4. hi glad to hear you are zeroing in on your last treatment of round 2. I love reading your blog please keep it up. love Shelbys Grandma

  5. Hi Rachel,

    Round two almost done...that is so great!
    I love to see your posts on here! I agree with Shelley about how she feels when I see your name below the post.

    You are in our prayers always,
    We love you, The Sniderbunch

  6. Hello Rachel,

    just got word from your Dad about your condition. I read through your blog and I am happy to see you are staying strong. Great to have a loving family and lots of supporting friends!

    We'll keep you in our prayers. And... let us know when you are up for it, because we might just send you some Belgian goodies.

    Lots of love,
    the Verdegems from Belgium