Friday, July 23, 2010


After starting off here on the third floor (since ICS was full when we arrived on Tuesday), we got relocated to one of the hospital's best kept secrets...Room 4404! It is very spacious, has a huge bathroom, a couch that makes into a bed and a nice view of the hills above the valley. It almost felt like an "upgrade" you get at the local Marriott! The only downside is that our cell phone coverage in this room is a little less than ideal! We get most texts and once in awhile a call gets through! So if you are having a hard time reaching us--that's why.

Rachel is halfway through her second round of chemo. She has had the usual nausea and loss of appetite that comes with chemo. The anti-nausea medicines make her pretty groggy, but given the choice she'd rather sleep through her treatments than be throwing up the whole time! She is hanging in there and tries to eat a bit when she can. Today's favorites were 1/2 of a Twix bar, some yogurt and some raspberry sherbet! Her craving for pickles is still alive and well!



  1. Can't wait to come see the new digs! So glad she's got a view - that will help a lot during times when she wants to look at something other than the inside of her eyelids. Love you guys!

  2. I know that room well... I'm Melanie, I'm the daughter of Richard and Pat Clyde and lived in the ward for a short time, of course I did kinda grow up with your dad, but i'm alot YOUNGER then him!! :) I worked at Primary's and they use to call it the satellite it was the overflow of the hospital... GREAT PLACE to be!! Your in our PRAYERS daily and we wish you the BEST:) My 15 year old Austin is good friends with Luke and we are doing our EAGLE PROJECT at Primary's now, we switched it from the Valley so we could support the STEELE STRONG group! xo

  3. So glad you are in a bigger room!
    I know Rachel loved getting in and out of that wonderful little bathroom in your first room!
    I hope it is all decorated cute!!
    Thinking of you Rachel!
    I hope you know how much you are loved!!
    Get your rest, eat what you can! I know you will be thrilled to have Adam and Emily back to laugh it up in your room!
    You are a great and supportive family! Thanks for always being my examples!
    Love ya, Shelley

  4. We got to stay in that room once. Like three days before we were about to be sent home, another patient had to have the isolated room 4409 that we were currently living in. So at 11:30 at night we packed it all up and moved to 4404. It almost wasn't fair to only have it for three days, but we didn't care all that much because home was where we wanted to be anyways. So how did you ge to be so lucky to get it for the whole month? Our favorite was B-pod! We spent the most time there. Glad you are making it through! Keep going strong. If you need a little excitement ask Irish to put a Glove ballon on his head! It's a great laugh!! We are praying for you always!

  5. Oh that I could take your place
    And hope that I could lose some waist
    By not wanting to take a bite
    I wish I could I wish I might

    But you are there and I am here
    Far away from you my dear
    I try to be the best I can
    But I am such a weak old man

    I must watch my wagging tongue
    For those about me are somewhat young
    I just want to let you know
    What I think, so here I go....

    Dearest Rachel, like the old testiment
    Please take care of my investment
    Make me proud to be your Sponser
    And kick the **** out of this **** cancer

    Uncle David

    We're thinking and praying for you.