Friday, July 2, 2010

Jail Break!

Since Rach was feeling like getting up and going for a walk today, they gave her permission to "break out" of her room, put on her mask, and stroll the halls of ICS...with her IV pole in tow! She also rode the stationary bike here on the unit for 15 minutes. The doctors seem encouraged that she was able to do this without aggravating her stomach pain.

She is still constantly hungry and longing for the day when she can eat...and drink again! The list of things she's craving grows longer each day. Each new day here brings challenges. I'm sure she's longing to be at the Steele cabin this weekend at our family reunion instead of here. She has also yearned to be on the court with her volleyball team who are competing at nationals right now in Nevada. But she is a tenacious fighter..and though it is hard right now, we know Rachel will continue to battle and hang in there!

Thanks for all you prayers, love, and support!


  1. Hang in there! I am food and drink will be yours someday really soon!!! I love you! Be Strong!
    Love, Kali

  2. So glad you could get out for a few minutes! Alisha's team won again, and she hit a triple. I'm convinced it was because of the orange bracelet, orange ponytail elastic & orange headband she was wearing... BSAOGC Rachel - we love you!

  3. Dang I have this treadmil sitting in my family room.... I used it for about a month...bruised my heel and haven't used it since! We have to step on it to get to the filing cabinet/computer table. Rachel you are making me feel guilty that a bruise stops me and NOTHING stops you! Nothing!! Thanks for your example once again!
    I am so happy to hear you got that little bit of time to get out and walk!
    Love ya,

  4. You are so tough!! No food but you're riding a stationary bike?! You are amazing!!

  5. hey rachel..... iv been meaning to come by and check your blog but i just couldnt bring myself to do i thought id better stop been a wuss....somehow i fink that maybe if i stayed more in contact u wudnt have gottn sick...lame huh? i love you rach we all do....and we all no u'll get better and real quick too.....your fiji gals miss you,we do...we think about you all the time and am praying 4 you sweety...sherneez