Wednesday, September 1, 2010

The glass is half full

Well...where to begin. Rachel asked me if I would post for her today and I thought it would be good to ghost write pretending to be Rachel. I tried that once earlier without her permission, but she thought I failed in my attempts to show her (Rachel's) personality. You can go back throught the blogs now and try to find which one I wrote!

Rachel was scheduled to go back into the hospital today for her third round of chemo. We received a call from her doctor today asking us to come in and talk. Rachel's bone marrow result from last week came in at still 12% blasts (or cancer cells). This was the same amount we saw after the first round. She has a mutation in her marrow cells called flt3. This makes it more difficult to cure with the traditional treatment methods, so the doctor suggested we try a new somewhat experimental medication which she will be able to take orally at therefore the glass half full. She will be home for another week or two taking this medication and then be readmitted to the hospital to get followup chemo to this new medication she will be on. We pray that it will be successful and lower her blast count below 5% which is what is required to go to bone marrow transplant.

It was kind of a blow to all of us, but we are trying to remain positive and keep Rachel's spirits up. The good side of it is she will be home much closer to friends and family and always open for visits and calls of support.

Posted by Frost. Not Rachel


  1. Rachel, dear! I am amazed by your courage and faith. We are praying for you and your family. We love you!

  2. Rachel, we are always praying for you! We will pray extra hard this next week as you take your chemo at home. We are always thinking of you and your family!

  3. We are praying for Rachel's numbers to cooperate. Austin and Evan both wore their Steele Strong shirts today - that bright orange has become quite a favorite. And whenever I visit another ward in the stake I match my orange bracelet to others who are wearing them. WE LOVE YOU!!

  4. Yay for cool new treatments! Wishing you all the best! Love you, Rach!
    Love, Kali

  5. Oh Rachel! My prayers are even more fervent than before! Good luck with the oral treatment. It will work and you move on with your treatment. We are representing out here in Virginia! Love you Rachel.

  6. We love you all and remain prayerful, and filled with hope and faith. Go new medication, do your job!

  7. Rachel--
    Keep fighting! What a roller-coaster ride cancer is! You are always in our hearts and prayers. We love you!

  8. Rachel~ You truely are amazing! You give me strength each day to do what is in front of me!
    You give us all strength!
    Keep doing all you can! We all know you can, and are happy that the fight continues to be in you all!
    You have a great family and loads of love from so so many of us!
    Love you! Shelley

  9. Rachel girlie, it's amazing how good you are at rolling with the punches! Keep it up!

  10. Rachel, I will pray even harder that everything goes well for you. Love you lots!


  11. Frost, Thanks for the update! Sometimes we all need a ghost writer to step in for us. Although, after reading one of Rachel's stories again this last weekend (Death by Chance), Rachel has plenty of descriptors and vocabulary at her command!
    Girl, you are amazing in so many different ways! We've known this even before this summer's events hit. While this experience is definitely giving you opportunities to grow, it in no way defines you. I hope this stay at home gives you time to enjoy some of the things you are passionate about!
    Lots of love and prayers for you and your family always.
    ~Sarah Scott

  12. Thank you for the update is so good to know specific things to pray for. We love you Rachel!! Keep Smiling!!


  13. Lyndi and I soooooo wanted to spend time with you this last weekend, but the flu bug hit our home - dang it! Keep the faith sister. You are so loved! And also the inspiration for Lyndi's response to a boy for Homecoming. Did she send you the picture of Hayden? If not, you HAVE to see it.