Sunday, September 5, 2010

Merkley Strong. . .

"SteeleStrong" has turned into a catchy name, and it does say a lot about the strength and pride we Steele's feel for our family. Rachel gets her "SteeleStrength" from two great families though, one of them being the fantastic Doug & Rhea Merkley clan. Tonight we Merkley's gathered as a family to support Rachel, and another member of our extended family currently fighting cancer. We had a great time, and wanted to share some pictures of this great group of "Merkley Strong" people. Thanks for all the support!

p.s. HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Grandpa Doug! The big 8-FIVE! Congrats!


    What a great family Rachel has!
    You are all such a strength to us all following sweet Rachel's progress.
    our family will always remember the kindness of Marie's parents when they let us bring our 3 little children stay in their home (many years ago) Marie's dad taught my boys to shoot and beebee gun! Oh what a sweet couple! They just became instant family to us! The little boy in the green vest looks just like Adam when we first met the Steele family!! Tugs at my heart!!
    Rachel you have the best support team ever! BE STRONG RACH! Know that we are all walking through this with you!
    Much love, The Walters Family

  2. We sure do love the Merkley family! I don't mind calling Grandma and Grandpa Merkley "Grandma and Grandpa" at all! And, hey, they raised one awesome aunt!

  3. I agree that the Merkley fam are strong, faithful, wonderfully fun people! rachel has a good line of genes from both sides of the family tree!

  4. Hey there, Rachel I found your blog on Thanks for sharing your story with the world. How are you related to The Merkley's? They are my parent's neighbors in Layton. They are an awesome family! Elizabeth is one of the sweetest girls I know. I wish you the best! Thanks for doing your blog. You are a cute girl.

    Keep the Hope!!!

    Tanille Kelsch of American Fork.