Saturday, September 4, 2010

The latest

Well..I got my new medicine today. It came in a ups package. I have learned not to get too excited when I receive packages with my name on them, because usually they are syringes or medicine haha but it is nice to have my name on the box I guess.

But the real reason as to why I am posting, is very important. Well not exactly, but I thought it was worth a try.

I have been trying to convince my parents to let me have a puppy, to keep me company and to let me take care of it.

I think this is a wonderful idea, and the companionship of a cute little puppy is priceless. Anyways, they seem to be pretty opposed to the idea. Maybe some encouragement from their peers and comrades will help them :P just a thought



  1. Rachel. My name is Debbie Hirchak. My kids Ashlyn, Adam and Amber know you. Your mom worked with my son, Garrett and Vineyard last year. Anyway, I HIGHLY recommend a poodle. We got one for my Garrett last summer. He is 7, 9, and 11 years younger than the other kids in my family, and we thought the companionship would be good for him. Moral of the story---- Little dogs = Little poop!!! Poodles don't shed, and they are so snuggly and tender!! You need one!!! Have your mom call me!!! You are in our family prayers!! Good luck with the dog!

  2. Lower white blood cell count + puppy = ????? I'm just say'n... Love ya, but I want you to be smart, too! This might require some serious, prayerful, moments! ;-)
    As for the packages, remember that pain meds come labeled with your name on them, too! lol! I LOVE those packages...great, now I sound like a druggie. You know what I mean. It's great to read your words today. Good luck with the new meds! Get those flt3s in shape!!!
    Love ya, girl.

  3. Okay, don't forget that you have a puppy right across the street. You can HAVE him!!! Well, only if I don't get the stink eye from Froster... I will have Jason bathe him then you can come see him. or he can come see you. He can wear a mask.
    I say NO WAY to snowball Jr. Crazy old doggie! ha ha!
    Love ya!
    On second thought--Jake makes a pretty good puppy too! Some days, you can have HIM too!

  4. I have something for you!! No, it's not a puppy... but I'll admit I like the idea. Of course I could just send Maddie over there. She's kinda like a little wild animal :) At least you two could play a game of footsies :)

  5. Well sorry to your mom and dad, but I'm a BIG believer in the happiness a pet can bring you. They are such wonderful companions!! But that's just me...I'm a bigtime animal lover. And that puppy picture...just stop it!! Oh so cute!!

    Okay, but here are the cons: You may be in the middle of a nice, peaceful nap when nature calls to your new little pup and you have to drag yourself out of bed to let her out. Major bummer. Potty training takes a while, and a lot of persistance. Not to mention bathing, and grooming. (Although I do know of a mobile grooming service...they park their motorhome outside your house and cut your pups hair!! Genius!!

    Just something to think about. Oh and another recommendation: I vote NO poodle. They are much too hyper. Shihtzus, Maltese, and Yorkies are sooooo much cuter, not as hyper, and they also don't shed. Pick one that is the low-key, shy one of the litter....they will make much better cuddlers.

    Okay, there's my two cents. Love ya!!

  6. Rachel,
    Those are the cutest puppies ever!!
    but I think you need another fish! Not very cuddly though!
    We had a Saint Bernard, she was a tiny puppy! So sweet and loveable.....but then Tinkerbell grew! Oh boy! CRAZY!
    So I would say to your parents if you really want a dog, get one of those adorable tiny fluffy puppies that stays that little, then their "stuff" is always little too, if you know what I mean!
    Love ya, be a good girl and take those meds that come in the mail:)

  7. You and Alisha with the little puppies. She wants to keep one in the window well to her bedroom. ?!?!?!? I know your mom and dad well enough to know that if a puppy would make you happy and wouldn't cause any setbacks or dangers for your condition, you'd have one already. They SO want you to be happy and feel good! So if the puppy thing doesn't work out, you should hug your mom - she's better than a puppy. Love you, Rach!

  8. I want to know why Karen Wynn comments on your blog and never comments on mine? LOL

    We got a dog in December and it is a pain in the neck. In your parent's defense, they have a lot going on right now and a dog would complicate things like 1000 percent.

    In your defense, you are also going through a lot right now and I think you get a puppy out of it.

    Really, this is what it comes down to..if they let you have a dog in the hospital, then go for it...if not, maybe you could just dogsit for Kodi to get it out of your system.

  9. Get a Maltese-Poodle mix, they are THE sweetest and funnest puppies and they stay little! There are some people in Idaho who sell them, look it up on KSL. I would buy you one if I could!

  10. Puppy sounds like a great idea... I've watched some interesting documentaries lately, dealing with what you eat and regression in cancer. Sounds like you got some time on your hands to check them out. All can be found on netflix instant watch. Worth a look into. The Beautiful Truth -
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  11. Hola Rachel di con tu blog y bueno quiero decirte que Dios esta siempre contigo bendiciones y animo siempre

  12. i literally just watched a documentary on dogs & the affect they can have on humans. one lady (a famous actor) had breast cancer & decided to get a puppy. she wanted to take care of someone else instead of always worrying about herself & her cancer. she said it helped so so much. it not only made her happier, but feel much better. i honestly think it would be a great idea. don't get me wrong, puppies are hard hard work. (i have one & i'm about to give her away! haha) but no one is ever as happy to see you as a puppy. you would love it :)
    we have 2 pugs & they are our children for now ;)

    *i found your blog through ksl.

  13. Wow, I can't believe I'm writing this. I am NOT an animal person and most definitely NOT an animal in the house person. Add to that the fact that I am allergic to everything most certainly rules out pets for us.
    Having said that - my youngest daughter has a relatively severe anxiety disorder. She does extremely well all things considered. She's been begging for years for a dog. We wouldn't even consider it!

    Then, through a very surreal course of events, we bought a maltese-poodle mix. He was expensive, I was still adamant that I couldn't have an animal in my house. We did several "trials" to see if I was allergic...not even a little bit. Against all odds we bought Coconut.

    We've had him nearly a year. He's been a blessing beyond words. We've had some unexpected life threatening episodes this year and the therapy Coconut has provided has been invaluable. Never in my life would I have believe that at 45 years old I would have a dog that I treasure. Am I dog lover? Hardly! But I am extremely thankful for the divine intervention that brought Coconut, a literal lifesaver, to our home.

    There's my two bits.

    As mentioned above, the maltese poodle mix is a wonderful dog - what it doesn't say is that they are extremely intelligent and intuitive. He's incredibly clean, and I have never seen a dog hair anywhere in my house, never. He's a neurotically clean as I am. He's full grown at a whopping eight pounds. He's perfect for us. Our family has some mental illness challenges which is a perfect fit - Coco is very disciplined, great fun to teach tricks, protective but overall, obedient.

    Best wishes to you!