Wednesday, August 25, 2010


Rachel was scheduled to have some tests done at the hospital today and then be readmitted for Round 3 of Chemo. However, a few days ago the doctors decided to give us a few more days at home and let her white blood cell counts recover before proceeding to the next round. So....instead of packing our bags and heading to Primary Children's, we are enjoying a few more days of being together at home!

They are thinking that Monday, August 30th, will be the day. We will keep you posted. In the meantime, Rachel will start her schoolwork, enjoy home cooked food, and keep doing those sit ups!



  1. Yea for the fact you get to be home a few more days! I'm so glad to hear your appetite is back, and things are going well. Welcome back to schoolwork... haha! Thinking of you every day.

  2. yes we hear from Laura, that you can stay longer at home and I think you enjoy the days with your family and friends! Since yesterday we - Dominik and I - carry the STEELE STRONG Bracelett!

  3. Hi there Steele Family!
    I just want you all to know that you are showing us all how to do hard things and to do them well!!
    I have learned so much from each post I read, on how to 'be an little better'.

    Know that we love you here in Colorado Springs and think of you and keep you all in our prayers!

    Much love is being sent to you as you prepare today for a new part of your journey Rachel!
    Love ya, Shelley