Saturday, September 25, 2010

The "Sweet" Smell of...Service

Time for a "Brother Post".

Today was an incredible day for our family. As has been mentioned in previous posts, September 25th was the date of the SteeleStrong BakeSale. Countless people spent many hours planning and organizing these events that took place i
n Utah, Colorado, California and Florida. We had all been looking forward to this day for a while now, and today, it was finally here.

I will admit, after driving home from Park City from my super fun job as a night security officer, I was quite tired when I arrived a
t the Bake Sale this morning. I was feeling a little loopy, which might explain my somewhat emotional reaction.

What a sight it was. Almost the whole Rite Aid parking lot was full. The tables were overflowing with delicious looking confections, and generously donated items. Family members, Ward members, and great friends of all ages were everywhere, working to make this
happen. And of course, there was orange. Lot's of orange.

I stood in amazement seeing first hand the overwhelming amount of support and generosity that was on full display. It was extremely humbling to say the least, to know that all of these great people had come together to support our family, and more importantly, my beautiful little sister.

It was humbling to the point that- I will be honest - I started to ask "Why us? Surely there is someone in even more need than our little family..." I mentioned this to my Uncle Erwin, who had an interesting thought to share. He said:
" Adam, THIS is Service. And sometimes we all have to take our turn to be served. "
Well, let me just say on behalf of my parents, myself, Rachel, Emily and Tanner...We got served today. In a huge way. We have been served in so many ways over the last few months. We have been carried. We have been lifted up by your kindness and strength, and made more capable to cope with the challenges we face.

To all those who were involved today, from the planning stages, down to the last cupcake sold...Thank you. You really have made a difference in our lives, and the service and love you have shown our family is greatly appreciated.


Here are some pictures from different Bake Sales that took place today! Check back for updates as there will surely be more to come from all of the different locations.

Also Check out the official SteeleStrong BakeSale blog by clicking their logo below:


OREM, UT - Rite Aid
Bake Sale + Yard Sale


  1. This is wonderful, Adam! Thank you for the sweet post. Rachel is lucky to have a brother like you!

  2. The bake sale was amazing! It was so cool to see all the people who came to support you! I was so glad I got to help out! It was an AMAZING experience!


  3. Oh, by the way... So, Maddie and I were walking around the yard sale this morning trying to help people, and not quite sure what to do. This teenage boy came up to us, and said, "um, I'm really only looking for one thing here. I was wondering if you knew whether there were any prosthetic elf ears here. (while motioning points by his ears.)" Maddie replied, "Um, I haven't made it all the way around the sale yet, but the lady over there is the orange shirt and the navy blue hat (meaning my mom) might know where to look." He then left. He then went up to my mom and asked the same question and she said, (trying really hard not to laugh), "Well, if there were any, they would be over there with the Halloween costumes." He then left and my mom turned to Sister Neiger and told her how he was looking for prosthetic elf ears. Sister Neiger snapped her fingers and said, "Darn, we're fresh out of those!"

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  5. Adam,
    I hoped at the beginning that if this idea would bring smiles to the Steele family, and relieve a tiny bit of stress, then it did what it was meant to do!
    I love you all so much!
    Thanks so much for the sweet texts that you and Emily send this way!

  6. Hi Adam! You don't know us but we are indirectly linked to your sister through my niece Alisha Nielsen - how about posting a facebook page for a virtual bake sale so the rest of us can help?? we are in NJ, no sale here this weekend but we will dos something next time around! let us know how we can help, prayers and prayer roll - check, anything else?