Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Time for a new post

Sorry it has been a while. It hasn't been exactly eventful here, but Thats to be expected. I fill my days with doing school every now and then, watching tv, and.. Haha that's about it. Sorry there really isn't much to write about, I'm struggling to find something interesting to enlighten you with. My ANC is officially at 0 again so I am not allowed to leave my cave. I might whip out the scooter again, although I think my little brother has now claimed it and stArted riding it to school. And I don't think I am quite ready for rollerblades. I am excited for the new fall seasons on tv to come out haha something to look forward to right? Oooook I think I will sign out for now, thank you everyone for your prayers and support. I will rack my brains to come up with something good for the blog. Until next time,



  1. OHMYGOODNESS a girl after my own heart! lol

    We too have been likin' it when a new series pops up here and there! Our most recent favs: Extreme Home Edition, Dancing With the Stars, Castle(well not quite a fav but fun every once in a while ;) ), Jacob's really into The Event I have yet to see it, oh and Jacob also just said No Ordinary Family, and we both slowly get into Biggest Loser (while eating some sort of cookies of course)!

    OH and the BEST ONE OF ALL....General Conference!!! ;) ;) SO EXCITING!!! Seriously, I'm being serious! We pray for you Rachel! Keep up on your shows so we can talk it up when you come visit us at Disney World!! ;) ;)

  2. p.s. I've been "featuring" you on my blog! Go check it out!

  3. Rachel you are AMAZING! Honestly, you are such a trooper. I think you should just give us a run down on all the fall series. I need to know what shows are Rachel approved :) Love you!

  4. Wow, I was just telling Richie last night that I was missing your updates, and wow, you updated! Thanks so much for just letting us know that your ok, bored, but ok. We miss seeing you, and feeding you. Next time one of us come up we will have to bring you some peaches and milk, or something like that. I can't believe you do not watching survivor or the colony--whats with that?

  5. OOOO..Greys Anatomy is my most favorite show. It starts tonight!! That's something to look forward too!