Saturday, September 25, 2010


As you all know today has been quite an eventful day. I really wish I could have been at the bake sales, they sounded like a huge success and a lot of fun. I am still trying to wrap my head around the fact that so much is being done for me. Family members, friends, nurses, and doctors; everyone is in this together, everyone is on my team, and that is so comforting.

I will be honest with you all, being diagnosed with leukemia is not in the least bit easy. I have my days where I cry, and I try and figure out why everything had to be taken from me. Why did this have to happen to me? It shouldn't have to happen to anyone. I miss going to school, I miss being at home, playing volleyball, being with my friends, and just being a teenager. There are days when I simply don't want to try anymore, when I think 'What's the point?' But the point is, is that life may not always be what we expect it to be, but it is still worth living in and of itself.

Now, I also have days like today. Where the whole picture becomes clearer to me, and I realize how truly blessed I am. Because the truth is, I'm not in this alone. Not at all. I have my family, my friends, neighbors, people I don't even know, rallying with me. It is amazing to see people coming together united in one cause and one purpose. That is love, and I am so crazy lucky to be loved by so many people. It has been such an example to me. I know I am a changed person because of this. I want to give more, and to help others like me. Especially with all the crap that is out there in this world, it is so good to see that there really are great people in this world. And as my beautiful cousin Elizabeth said to me "The trials that we are facing have a purpose." She made me a card that says that, and it hangs on my wall so I can see it everyday. I know I am meant to go through this, so that I can be strengthened, so that my family can grow closer together, and so a lot of good can come of it. I still have a mountain to climb, but I know that I have my orange army climbing right beside me.

So thank you, to everyone. I cannot express my gratitude enough. Thank you for helping me stay Steele Strong, because I couldn't do it without you. Your prayers and support have helped this experience to bless my life and the lives of others. I will forever be grateful.



  1. Wow. You are so amazing. Your insight is so beautiful and wise beyond your years! I just love you Rachel. And you're right... you have an orange army. A HUGE orange army behind you every step of the way.

  2. Keep climbing that mountain Rachel. And you're right, you're not in this alone. You are an amazing person! And it's okay to have bad days, we all do. Thanks for being an inspiration to all of us! We love you!

  3. Rachel, today was a blessing for everyone who participated. Everyone who baked a cookie or bought a cupcake was blessed with the opportunity to serve you and your family. There was a lot of love that I hope you felt clear up in SLC. Thank you, Rachel, for the inspiration you are to so many. We love you.

  4. You don't know me, but my sister in law is in your stake and told us about the bake sale. We were thrilled to have the opportunity to get lots of yummy goodies and help fight leukemia at the same time. Keep fighting! You are in our prayers!

  5. Wow girl, you just make me cry! I am so blessed to know you, feel your spirit, and only wish that I could/will be half the wonderful person you are. Thank you for being you. For being honest, vulnerable, and caring about others when you are going through so much. I know that the Lord doesn't give us more than we can handle, even though sometimes it is so hard to understand why we have our trials. You are helping us all and we love you tons. Always remember you are never alone, and we are so proud of you... Thanks for being you!~
    Love, Momma G

  6. Rachel,
    What more could possibly be said? You shared so much and are teaching us all so much.
    Thank you for sharing your insight with us!
    I am so very grateful that a small idea such as a bake sale could spread and turn into exactly what it did....tons of LOVE! The funds that were raised will be helpful as time goes on, but hopefully and more importantly, the spirit of service and love that was felt will last a life time for us all!
    I am aware of a few that signed up that weren't able to hold theirs due to different things, but I do know that you had many jump in and accomplish what my mind NEVER could have imagined! I am in awe, and am grateful to you for what I have learned!
    Love ya, Shelley

  7. Rachel, this sounds crazy, but our family has been blessed with all of acts of love and service that we have participated in and witnessed in your behalf. Your situation has given us a chance to grow and see what can happen when we pull together as communities and families and friends. It is quite amazing to see so much love for others, even from some that don't even know you. What a blessing in our lives. I am sure we are better people from having experienced this trial along with you through your blog and this entire community.

    Keep up the great attitude and ditto to the other comments that you are not alone and this great Orange Army is right there along side you, every step of the way.

    We love you,

    Dale and Caren Martinez and Family

  8. Rachel,
    You don't really know me but I just wanted to you to know how much you inspire me. Seeing your strength and your growth helps me to have strength that is required of me. Not everyone goes through leukemia, not everyone climbs a mountain but sometimes those little hills can seem really hard. Seeing you climb this mountain with the spirit and strength you show helps all of the rest of us stay in the game and keep on going, even if we just don't want to. The story you are living right now will inspire many people, both directly and indirectly. As you change, so do we, there is nothing more inspiring than to see a Zion people. Many hearts knit together for one cause. We all love you, I am very grateful for your example to me. Thanks.

  9. I stopped by the garage sale and was moved by your story. I left a note but didn't know if it reached you or your family. I am a professional photographer and wanted to offer your family a free session and images on CD. I am able to come to where ever you need me to take the portraits. Please let me know if I can provide this service for you. I don't have much else I can give.

    I would also like to know contact info (if you know it) of whoever made that beautiful pink quilt and also whoever made the fabric key chains.

    Feel free to e-mail me at or call me at 801-489-7005.

  10. You are a HERO to us all! Thanks for your courage. I proud to be member of the orange army! Love you!