Wednesday, August 18, 2010

The life of being at home

I have been home for a week now, and although I am still more limited than I would like to be, being home has been great. I am feeling really good, and working extra hard to gain back that weight that I lost when I couldn't eat for three weeks. The chemo kind of messed with my appetite, so there were times when I didn't feel like eating at all. But they put me on an appetite stimulant which seems to have gotten me back to normal. It feels great to be hungry again. And no offense to the hospital cafeteria, but there is no place like home.

Sadly, I have accidentally slipped up a few times and have been telling people that I go back 'home' on the 25. I quickly correct my self, and tell them I am going back to the hospital on the 25. Too much time in that place does things to your brain.

Good luck to all you starting school, for those of you who are wondering I am going to be doing home/hospital school and still completing my junior year. Should be exciting. Well that is a little update of my eventful life haha

Until next time,



  1. Rachel! I am so happy you are wanting to eat again! :D haha well I am sad you won't be at school with me my first year of highschool...ah! but I am excited for you to come back and be better! :D

  2. Alisha will miss you so much at MV. We did sit in the office and wait for an hour today for class changes, though, so at least you don't have to deal with that mess. Hope the enchiladas were delicious, and that you ate every last calorie!! Love you, Rach!

  3. Hi Rachel, Thank you so much for taking the time to blog. I love hearing how you are doing. Is the 25th your 3rd round? [I assume] Love Shelbys Grandma.

  4. Rachel,

    I know your mom is a food genius. I wish I were eating at your house every day. Best of luck this week. Lyndi and I are in St. George for the weekend with volleyball. We met the Dixie coach today. Lyndi can tell you all about it on her next visit. We hope she can get over to see you before school starts on Tuesday. I can hardly believe the summer is OVER!

  5. It was so wonderful to see you the other day! I felt so lucky! You looked fantastic. I love you and am amazed by you each day! Keep it up!

  6. Hey Rachel,
    Thanks for helping us celebrate Richie's birthday...hopefully your stomach handled your newly found love for seafood (ha Ha). At least we know you love pina' colada's!! You are such a trooper! Keep up the good work and we will see you soon.
    Momma G

  7. Hey! It was sooo good to see you in YW today! I'm so glad you could come.


  8. Turns out that I live at PCMC now too. I spend the night every fourth night and days that I am not sleeping there I get there by six. So we should do breakfast, or late night snack or something.