Sunday, August 1, 2010

Oompa loompa

Ok.. I do have a good explanation for the wonderful title of this post. The other night I had a slight fever, which didn't last very long, and barely met the qualifications of a legit 'fever'. But just to be safe the doctors decided to start me on some antibiotics, one of which was vancomycin. When this lovely drug was in my iv, My head started to feel funny. I felt kind of hot, like heat was emanating off of my bald head, which was now turning pink. I felt hot, but had no temperature. The nurse came in and said I was just having a reaction, and that the color starts at your head and moves down your body. I looked in the mirror and looked like I had gone skiing with my head exposed. It was bright pink and my face was flushed red. Also, like the nurse said it was definitely moving its way down my body. My back was bright red and itchy. So this is where the title ties in, I felt like the girl that ate the blue berry on willy wonka and the chocolate factory. Except I turned red and didn't blow up like a round fruit. And my problem was easily fixed with benadryl, whereas the poor blue berry girl was less fortunate.

Things have been going good, I am feeling great, and just waiting for my counts to come back up. I am eating well, or calorie packing, as they call it up here. Trying to gain back the weight I lost on my 3 weeks of no eating. Fun fun Fun eating is something I don't mind so much, hopefully I can kick it up a notch haha



  1. Coreyne MortensonAugust 2, 2010 at 8:09 AM

    Glad to hear that you are eating and feeling pretty well. I hope that your counts come up so you can go home again for a while. Eat something packed with calories for me since I shouldn't. Love you Coreyne

  2. So glad you have an appetite! That is great news!
    I am hoping that the Benedryl has heped by now.
    Love ya,
    I am kinda wanting some blueberries:) not sure why, but I do!

  3. What can we bring you... A scrumdiddlyumptious bar? An everlasting gobstopper? Maybe a giant sized chocolate bar that you can shrink down to normal with all the super technological equipment that is in your room. There has to be something you are wanting but haven't had yet... We could always bring more cookie crumbles - I'll make sure Erika sits on the bag while we are driving up there to get them good and smashed. It was so good to see you today - tell your mom you aren't nearly as grumpy as you could be. :) Love you, Rach! BSAOGC!

  4. Hi Rachel. HAHA! It's called "Red Man Syndrome." I wish I could have seen you. Right now I only get to study about these cool things, not actually see them. Stacie and I are praying for you. We send our love. Brandon Stilson

  5. RACHEL! although I'm not much of a commentator on this blog, I do keep up with it every day. I miss you so much and I wish i could be there every day to chillax with you, and ask you WHAT'S YO FLAVE?! but, alas, I am very far away. Luckily, you keep this nifty blog and it makes me feel like i'm there with you :)
    stay tough and keep it real.
    loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee PARIS