Tuesday, May 3, 2011

The Latest

We have set a date to take out my line! May 10th I will be rid of this foreign object in my body forever. I will have to get poked every other week, but I decided I can handle that. Let's hope I can haha. I have been trying to bulk up and exercise lately. My dad found these 540 calorie drinks, that don't taste very good, but I have been trying to drink some of those for some extra help. I have also been biking more and playing a little bit of volleyball. I still love playing, so thats good, I just wish I had my old body to play with. I wish my life were like a movie so they could cover the hard work part in a 2 minute musical sequence and then I would be done! But that's ok. I will keep you all updated.



  1. so well written Rachel! I especially love the movie sequence part!!! Sooooo true!!! I wish they could just play an inspirational song and by the end of the song, I would have my old body back!
    But on the good side, yea for getting foreign objects out. I think my port is staying for a while longer. you should name it and say goodbye to it!!! he he My sister in law had an 8lb non-cancerous tumor removed from her stomach and she named it "Kevin" because of the movie "Home Alone" and she would say to "Kevin" just like the uncle did in the movie... "Look what you did you little jerk!" it was super funny!
    keep on fighting!!
    Love, Christa Johnson

  2. YAY! One week from TODAY! I am super excited.

  3. Wonderful news, Rachel! Work out hard to some music! Love ya!

  4. Alright Rachel!!!
    Great News and im sure you'll get back to sports in no time!!!

    -Ephraim Maiwiriwiri-

  5. Awesome! So excited for you. Keep up the good hard work! I know you'll get 'HUGE' soon. Love ya!

  6. you deserve every bit of good news you hear. You have been such an example of courage and strength. We are all so proud of you. Goodbye line forever. Love you Shelbys Grandma

  7. So so excited for you to get your line out. How are you going to celebrate? I think you should take a Calgon bubble bath. Congrats, Rachel - another in a long line of milestones. Love you!

  8. Just play some nice music while you do the hard work and then you can edit it all down to two minutes in your memory later. You go girl!