Wednesday, April 6, 2011

A Tribute to Kim

My friend up at the hospital, Kim Nelson, went into a coma last week and passed away on March 31, 2011. She had AML as well. Although I didn't know Kim all that well, I know she was a great girl who came from a wonderful family.

This makes me sit back and think about what is truly important in this life. Life is so fragile. It is hard to always remember this. It is hard to always be grateful for what we have. I hope we can all go on and cherish the relationships we have and live our lives to the fullest.

Here is Kim's blog if you would like to read:



  1. I hope you know how much you touch others, and help us to be better people. You are such an inspiration to us. We love hearing your laughter and seeing you smile, it is contagious. Keep up the good work and amazing attitude.
    Love ya tons:)

  2. I checked out Kim's blog. Turns out her family lives in the same town I do. I don't know her (or you- just through your blog) but my heart and prayers go out to those when a loved one dies. That's so hard. I know it's not the end- but it's still hard to miss them.

    Keep fighting. I love to read your posts. May the Lord watch over you and your own family at this time.


  3. I'm so sorry, Rachel. What a sweet and sad story. Makes us all the more grateful that yours is turning out well, and that you are getting better. Here's to multiplying platelets!

  4. Rachel thank you so much for the beautiful reminder of how important and fragile everyday is!
    I love you and have just looked back at the past few posts!
    You seem to be doing so incredibly well!
    I am so proud of you and all that you are doing! Student body Secretary, what an amazing time you are going to have!
    I must say that i LOVE the picture of you with your sweet little friend! You have come a long way baby!! your hair looks SO GREAT!
    You just make me smile!!!
    do you know the song "Smile"? whenever I hear it I think of you!
    Thanks again for all you do and say to encourage people like me that need reminders everyday!
    Love you Rachel,
    Stay strong!