Friday, April 22, 2011

Just Hanging Out

Here are some random pictures of lately. Most are of Waldo, my trusty companion.
You can click on the pictures to make them bigger

This is me, Waldo, and my lovely sister Emily :)

I was warming my feet by the fire and Waldo climbed onto my legs and took a nap. (If you are wondering what is in my mouth, it is a mango. I love mangos.)

Isn't he photogenic?

In this picture you can see him relaxing, and he has pulled every single one of his toys around him to keep him company.

Now for an update: Things are going good, I don't go back to the doctor until next tuesday, so I got a little break which was good. I went to Reno to watch my volleyball team play over spring
break, it was lots of fun to get to see all the girls again and to watch some volleyball. Hopefully I can start working out again now that my platelets are on their way back up. I actually went to mutual last night
and played dodgeball with everyone, and also realized that I now have the body of a 90 year old woman. I am slow and uncoordinated, and my throwing arm is very sore today. (no offense to you 90 year old
dodge ball players out there) I am still working on getting all of my energy back.... which I hear can be a very long process. But in the mean time I do school and slowly get back to normal. I will keep you updated
on this week's clinic visit, thank you so much for following the blog!



  1. Silly Waldo. I think I need to come visit him. And can I just say, Rachel, that your hair is SO cute! You might not be loving it's curliness (and Erika can relate - she's fought with hers for years), but I think it's fabulous! So I guess if your body is that of a 90 year old woman, at least you're getting some great hair to go with it. Hugs!

  2. I love the pictures! And I LOVE mangoes too! So does Christian. :). Also, I never got a chance to tell you last night at the shower that you looked so cute!! Your hair is darling and you look so healthy. I'm so glad things are continuing to improve.

  3. wonderful that you are doing well. It will take time for your body to rebuild, but you are young and strong and have many years of health ahead of you! Just start slowly.... and then, "just keep swimmin', swimmin', swimmin'"..

  4. Hey Rachel,
    thanks for the update! you looks realy good! And Waldo I think he miss my shoelace! :-)
    We send you a lot of energy! We are sure you will feel better and better! Stay strong! You are on the right way!All lot of sunny greetings from germany!
    Anita and Dominik