Friday, April 8, 2011

Surprise Visitor!

Today Rachel's AML friend ERIN came to visit with her family!
Here is a pic of the two old friends reunited.

Here is a picture from last November when both Erin and Rachel were still in the hospital, and another picture from today. It's neat to see how healthy they both look now!

Before (November 2010)
After (April 2011)

To read Erin's blog go to or click the link.



  1. I love these pictures! Thanks for posting them, and thanks for letting us visit. It was so wonderful to catch up. Rachel, you're hair is absolutely gorgeous that way - you look like a movie star.

  2. whoa, rachel's hair is so mod! I love it!!

  3. yeah, rachel, your hair is so cute! i brought up this page and exclaimed, "wow, look at rachel's hair!" :)

    what a fun visit!

  4. what beautiful pictures! I love your hair like this! That little girl looks like such a sweet heat, what beautiful smiles!

  5. Oh my goodness, that is the cutest thing ever!! I love these. They both look absolutely wonderful.

  6. Hooray for seeing pictures of 2 beautiful girls without their hats on!! Both looking so HEALTHY!!

  7. Happy to see that Rachel is getting better, we keep you guys in our hearts and prayers. Greetings from Belgium, the Baraketses

  8. That must have been an amazing reunion! You both look beautiful. Rachel, I LOVE your hair. You have the perfect face to pull off your short do. Stunning!