Sunday, November 28, 2010

Fun While it Lasted...

Just a quick update. It was so nice to be together as a family--actually under one roof--this weekend. Much to Rachel's dismay, we have been staying at an apartment in Salt Lake so that we could be close to Primary's in case she had any complications after her discharge from the hospital. Of course, we are all anxious to go home to Orem, but we are very grateful to the Bentley's, the kind couple who is letting us stay in their basement apartment.

Yesterday afternoon, Rach got pretty nauseated and hasn't been able to keep much down since then...including her oral medications. This posed a problem and at about 2:30 today, we called the hospital to talk to the bone marrow transplant doc on call. They called me back and said they needed us to come back to the hospital to get readmitted.

After preliminary tests, they found that she was quite dehydrated and her sodium was low. These both compound her nausea. We will hopefully get more results tomorrow. Anyway, we are now back in ICS after a fleeting 2 day getaway. Though it is hard to be back, we are thankful we only had 10 minutes to drive on snowy roads to get here. We were greeted by dear friends and nurses (who were quite surprised to see us back so soon!) Hopefully, after a couple of days, she'll be ready to break out of here...again!



  1. I hope getting her hydrated adn sodium levels up helped with the nausea, and the tests come back clean adn you guys break out of there soon. Best of luck for a happy day today! Love and Prayers.

  2. Get hydrated and rest up, I am sure this will be short lived. Love and Prayers!

  3. I guess it was a good thing the apartment is close - the test run worked well. Hopefully next time the stay will be longer. Being nauseated is no fun - not that many things about this adventure have been fun for Rachel. More prayers being sent her way. Love you all!

  4. Darn. :( Lucky for us we got to see your whole family during those quick two days! We'll be praying for a quick getaway... :)

  5. Dear Rachel:

    My eyes well up with tears as I read your words of thanksgiving for your family and friends. That's what it is all about, isn't it? This life is worth nothing without those who you love and who love you at your side in times of sickness and in joy. The experiences make life so much more worth it. Thanks for reminding me how important family is and how much we should offer thanksgiving to our Heavenly Father.

    Thanks for being such an example to us all. You are in always in my thoughts and prayers. I thank God for having the privelege of knowing you and your family. You guys have taught me so much about family and friends. Thanks, and thank you Rachel for being such an example through this very trying period. We never know the lives we will touch by our example that is why we seek the Spirit in all we do.

    I was especially grateful for your example during this past month as I grappled with the death of three people close to my heart and the impending huge responsibility tht my brother Chris was called on to bear. I was even more grateful for your family's example in the case of my friend from Church who was slowly going blind and I wanted to do soemthing to help her. Those bake sales gave me a wonderful idea in bringing together family and friends in helping her as she went through her surgeries. Thsnks! Thanks! Thanks!

    May the Lord bless you and heal you and surround you with love and hope. To all your family and friends, kudos to you for your support for a wonderful daughter, sister, niece, cousin, granddaughter, etc. May the Lord also bless you all.