Wednesday, March 30, 2011

What I've been doing...lately

Sorry I haven't updated in a while...Just wanted to write a quick post to let you all know I'm still alive and kicking. Haha...I've been busy running for Student Body Secretary at Mountain View H.S. I am on the gold team, and elections are this Friday, so I'll let you all know how that turns out. Here are my two campaign posters:
Also, The other day I got to play Rock Band with a bunch of my cute little cousins- there's a video of it below....

Peace, and Blessings



  1. I don't know...they look like a bunch of wild animals that escaped from the zoo. (or grandma's house.) They love you SO much Rachel. Thanks for letting them play. Hopefully they weren't too much trouble!!


    Oh, and I love the bear poster!

  2. I love your hair! Such a cute "pixie cut" look although yours is all natural!

  3. I love, love your posters!! I'd vote for YOU!! Go GOLD team!! Good Luck!

  4. best rock band ever! love your locks!

  5. I'm so glad you're running for secretary. You have my vote. But ironically, guess where I'll be during elections on friday? Clinic! Yay. :)
    Ps. Cute, cute cute hair.

  6. AWESOME!! I was on MVHS student council! I was the Student Body Vice President of Public Relations lol long title! Soooo much work and soooo much fun! The best part was the friendships made with all the other student councils in the district at the student council camp they sent us to in Southern Utah! I was on the GOLD team too! VOTE GOLD! Its all about the assembly skit remember that! Do seniors get to vote? I'll tell my sister to vote for you!! You're so totally gonna win!!! Yaaaayyyy!!! Is Mr. Fieldstead the Student Council adviser still/now? He was our substitute teacher for like months because our real teacher (can't remember his name...) was in recovery from some surgeries and on his way out to retirement...etc...but for those few whiles that we got Mr. Fieldstead were cherished! He's like a life coach he's so awesome! Oh yay! So excited for you!!! xoxox Keep us updated!! and OH get your skit recorded for us to see! I have it somewhere and its so fun to see! xoxo


  7. Great video. Tate really gets into it. You look beautiful. I love the posters. I'm sure your team will win. Love you.

  8. Ha! I love the posters. You could make me do anything with those beauties! Good luck with your race! You look lovely. And you look like you gave those little rock stars a fabulous time!