Monday, March 7, 2011

Fun at Clinic

So it's been awhile since we posted....sorry! Rachel's last clinic appointment was March 1st. We were really surprised when we walked into Room #9 and saw a big welcome written on the white board, plus a custom made sign on the rocking chair saying it was "Reserved for Rachel Steele!" Thanks, Paige for going the extra mile and brightening our day!

Rachel is really doing well. Her creatnin level, which tells how her kidneys are functioning, was almost in normal range. So they will give her half as much fluids at night via IV. If she continues to do well, she can get her central line out soon! Yahoo! The other good news is that we don't have to go back to clinic until the 15th of March! Every other week is better than every week, eh?

She began an exercise routine this week, which is exciting. The down side is that her muscles are so sore right now that she can hardly move! Amazing what laying in a bed for 6 months can do to your body...uggh!



  1. Go Rachel Go!!! You are doing SO GREAT!! Love you!

  2. I am so happy her levels are getting better and it's getting closer and closer to getting her central line out. That will be a BIG day for celebration.

    We have clinic on Mar. 24th, so it looks like we're off on our weeks. Someday we'll get together - right!

    Rachel, we love you and miss you!

  3. oooo, how exciting to be getting closer to getting rid of the central line!

    i bet after all those months in bed, it feels so great to be get to exercise again! glad things are looking up!

  4. Yeah Rachel! That is so great to hear. You are loved and prayed for often. Keep up the wonderful faith and great attitude. The Lord loves you and is so very proud of all you have accomplished.

  5. Hi Rachel, We love you,Sooo Happy things are going so well. Keep ua the good news. Love to read the blog. Shelbys Grandmother

  6. So are you planning to immerse yourself once you get your central line out? Scuba diving, maybe?? Or maybe just a nice long shower...

    It's great to hear the milestones - ticking them off one by one on the way back to 100%. I hope you are able to come to camp - we sure missed you last year!

    Big hugs~

  7. Rachel- you are amazing! YAY for clinic every other week and YAY for getting closer to getting that central line out! Keep up the great work.