Saturday, October 30, 2010

It's the climb

I have decided to quote our good friend Miley Cyrus for the title of this post today. She deserves credit for all of her hard work. Hahah anyways...
Tomorrow is my last day of radiation. It's not too bad so far, although it would be a lot more pleasurable if I could receive the radiation while sitting on a couch, or even a chair. But the contraption of choice seems to be a bike seat. And then I put my hands on these bars to the side of me. (I know it is sounding like a bike but the only thing bike about it is the seat) apparently I am a little on the taller side, and the machine is not made for people of my Height. So I have to slightly bend my legs making it almost like a 15 minute wall-sit with my not so toned legs. Then everyone leaves the room (apparently radiation isn't so good for you) it's just the tough ones like me that can handle it :P so moral of this story is RADIATION: not a fan.

I am holding up ok though. I have only gotten sick a few times, I have been pretty tired but doing good overall. Not really looking forward for the chemo on Monday and Tuesday. The kitchen claims they will bend over backwards for bone marrow patients because their diets are pretty strict and specific. Tonight for dinner I ordered prime rib (which they unfortunately did not have, but I allowed them to replace it with steak) and a baked potato, with green beans. I think I will order bananas foster for dessert tonight. I gotta take advantAge of the time my body actually feels like eating before they pump the poison into me. Not to scare anyone, I just refer to chemo as "the poison". Well, there's my update. I still got a ways to go but I am getting closer every day. Thanks so much for all of your prayers, I can certainly feel their effect in my life. Until next time..


For anyone who has not heard the song "The Climb" by Rachel's "good friend" Miley, click play below to hear the song and see the music video.


  1. You could put a hardened combat marine to shame. It's ok to be scared spitless too. Hang in there. Henry

  2. You're amazing! We're praying for you!