Thursday, December 1, 2011

HaPpY LaTe ThAnKsGiViNg!!


  1. rachel that is soooo cute! I HOPE YOU HAD A GREAT THANKSGIVING! i started a blog my self if you want to check it out. its kinda weird but its called "Tomatoe soup for the teenage life" or you can go to thats easier and you can tell me a story i can put it on there.
    cyndell petroff

  2. rachel, your hair is adorable!! i can't believe how long it is. you look fantastic - i love seeing updates. you give us all hope!

  3. Hi Rachel,
    you look so great! We are so happy about that!
    Hope you enjoy the days to christmas with the whole "Steelefamily"!
    We miss you all!
    Anita, Laura und Dominik

  4. I am loving the look so great! Beautiful......what a smile! Here's to a wonderful 2012!