Sunday, February 6, 2011

Adventures at home

Hey everyone. The new addition to our family has been keeping us all busy and entertained. My dad even admitted that it was a spectacular idea to get a new pup. hahaha ok he didn't admit that but he has as much fun with the dog as the rest of us do. Things have been going good, I just realized I forgot to update you on last week's clinic. Still good news, things are continuing to get better. I am still on fluids at night but once I dont need fluids then we can start looking at taking my central line out. That will be the day! When I can finally take a wonderful shower again. (I currently have to bathe while being careful to keep my chest dry.)

Also.. this tuesday is the big day. Although it is not quite my hundredth day, I will be getting the bone marrow aspiration. Yes, I am nervous. Thank you for your prayers as i can certainly use them. I am keeping busy trying to do school, exercise, and play with my puppy. I am still pretty fatigued which is normal for transplant patients, but I will take fatigue over nausea any day.

Thanks so much for following my lovely blog. And a special thank you for the prayers and support.



  1. Rachel, we fasted for you today. I will continue to pray for good results on Tuesday. I am so sad I didn't get to come visit on Saturday We love you!

  2. Hurrah for dog therapy. I use it, But my dogs are huge. Maybe we can visit some down the road. WOOW, WOOF We'll alll pray for great news on Tuesday.


  3. So glad things are progressing nicely. I hope the aspiration goes well - I know that is a big milestone for you. Oh, and thanks a heap for renewing Alisha's pleas for a puppy. After she met Waldo, she is certain that she needs a furry friend of her own. I think she should just come visit you and Waldo often. :)

  4. Thinking about you! Tonight in family prayers Keaton prayed for you and your big day tomorrow. Love you!

  5. I think it's great you got a new pup! I hope Tuesday went well. I have been thinking about you. I wish I had known sooner we would have fasted, but we always are praying.

    Giant Hugs!